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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Remember that I have informed you that My interest is concerned with only the condition of Black People in the world ? well that will always be the case with me, but that is not to say that I do not Look and See the Broader picture that this evil World project, and in particular, America, so when it come to America Global Foreign Policy and the National politics in America, if white America has no influence on the America Foreign and National agenda concerning America, then where do you Believe Black so call Americans stand in America, as for as having influence on the America National and Foreign policy.

Well here we Black Folks are, so divided as to what to do and believe about ABM and his candidacy for the President of the United States OF AMERICA.

Here we have a Flawed Genetic Mix Human Being, part Confusion and the other part Caucasian Human, his name is ABM and he is a candidate for the Presidency of these use to be, United States, in what is known as America, but you know what Beloved, ABM Run for America Presidency has really revealed the Enemy of Black People among Black People referring to themselves as your Black Leaders in all the Social, Economic, Education, Political and Religious social stratum of Black America, so when you decide to serious wonder who it is that is selling the Minds of Black People for social economic standing in America Black Community, then observe the African America community leadership behavior during this presidential election Primary.

Here you have a White Woman, yes Hillary is considered to be White, no matter how deep you choose to stick your head into the America sand of hypocrisy and again, you have a Half White confuse so call African American, impersonating to be ABM, now I AM REMINDED OF WHAT MY DIVINE SPIRITUAL LEADER SAID, The Honorable Marcus Garvey, his Words concerning victims of White Assimilation, which is, if we Black People have one drop of Black DNA in us, then we are considered to be BLACK in the eyes of White America and in the Natural occurrence of things, even though now, white folks have become more deceiving than ever, when it come to them revealing in social term, what they believe of us Black People, they are more dishonest and an expert in hiding their Human Being Feeling ( Mind Belief ) about Black People more so today than ever before, and now here you have this strange Afrikan, referring to ourselves as Human Beings and is just as much a Dishonest Hypocrite than those people we now impersonate and emulate, claiming to be no longer qualified to See Lucifer Proper, the Devil, Satan in a phenotypical way today, those people absent of a content of Melanin, they with a History of oppressing Black People, and now here we Black Folks are, in this political presidential year coming, acting as if it is so difficult in choosing between Obama and Hillary, a very clear and explicit sign of the Confuse ignorance of Black so call Afrikan Americans.

In an intelligent Black World, it should be a slam Dunk in term of who Black people should be supporting for president this presidential year.

But No, you have these poor excuse for being Afrikan American and no longer consider themselves Black by the accepted Term of the Word, as we believe we be sounding so intelligent when we say, in this presidential election, Race does not Matter, well it may not matter to our ill founded behind, but it most certainly matter to white Folks Americans.

No Black Person should be discussing to believe that if elected, Obama can and will make a difference in the Afrikan American Life, not so beloved, are you not listening to Obama on the Issues, if you had not already registered his Voice in your Mind, you would not be able to distinguish his Vociferous position on the Issues facing America Society from that of any of the other Male Candidates, Democrat or Republican, with Hillary in the Mix and Black Folks excluded as being an issue in America.

As I have shared with you, if all Black so call Afrikans seek, is no more than to progress in America, then no wonder you are more at Home in America than you would be in Afrika.

The America People has spoken about how they feel about the War in Iraq, yet Obama tell you that if he is elected, America Troops will continue to Die in a Lying War indefinitely in Iraq, forget about anything else Obama say, his war stance reveal him to be just another Pawn in the America Political Soup, having no influence to do anything that will change the Life Living condition in America and the America people have no influence over America Foreign and National policy, which make the entire America political involvement no more than a sham of Deceit, with a Higher Hidden authority calling the shots that affect the Life of people in the World and with a Prime focus on Black Folks Lives.

Black Folks should be Mad as Hell at those so call Afrikan American assimilationist, they who have allegiance to the very people that is killing Black Folks every where we are today on this planet, as the Afrikan American divide their support for Obama in the name and effort of America Melting Pot democracy and you should know what I Think about America so call Democracy.

All Black Folks that participate in America Politricks, should be in support of Obama, if no more than to show that we are attempting to get our Divine Mind Back from the Human Beings, the Lucifer's of and in the World.

The American People does not Influence anything in America, all decisions that affect our Lives, come from outside of America, and you may accept it or Reject it, the Black Life continue to Suffer, whether Obama or Hillary or any of the Republican Candidates become President, which it is unlikely Obama will become president amidst all of America Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, unless it has been sanction by those Hidden Hands that Rule the World, Commonly Referred to as the Illuminati, Lucifer, Bearer of the False Light ( Knowledge ) in the World.

Black Folks should Vote and Support Obama if no more than to verify our Blackness IN the world, for our own sake and nobody else and No, this is not an endorsement of Obama, just a verification of our Divine Deliverance..

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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