Black Poetry : This one dude was a master at being groovy after Seeing a movie went for ice cream met a nice queen

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    This one dude was a master at being groovy after
    Seeing a movie went for ice cream met a nice queen disaster
    Hit his mind but a good time was had his love like a ruby
    Trapped by her beauty was ready to rap to a cutie
    Wear plenty bling and ready, couldn’t lift anything heavy
    Bad back and mad whack could be a sad act on every
    Count, only a lonely ten minutes from here to the club
    You so explicit boo let me visit you while on break love
    Your wild cake one smile can take him there but be aware
    He can fall deeply in love, stats hot from the hood right there
    Above the rim and a lot of fat good that do him he wanna
    Tell her exactly what he think after a tacky cup of drink gonna
    Ask her for a cake date,

    HE SAID:
    “Look boo you got a fat flirt at concerts
    Your legit stats are like chocolate kit Kats that booty do work
    When you walk bust stitches can’t trust them britches be alert
    I use to take trips shopping but now HIP HOPPING listen
    To lil Wayne so girl what your real name no stopping the kissing
    Your body softer I offer you a great deal of love I want cake
    And a real hug, your stats looking at cooking stuff can’t take
    It boo” I collect sweets after a direct speech and from a ship’s
    Deck reach mermaids become big like MOBY DICK and flip
    Basket balls and participate in drastic booty calls kiss lips
    Apply myself and try for deft sex and why some girls left
    I can’t figure it out situation bigger no doubt a really stealth
    My script stats is that of a diplomat girl where your lips at?
    Need a kiss to proceed in this stampede the list need a phat
    Chick quick like you boo my hype through the roof use
    My Bluetooth to contact cake wear my J’S strings be loose
    Cake everyday could take away a lot of hot sugar off your
    Soft lips while your boss hips strut a lot so thoughts just soar
    In my mind, like an eagle I flew just to become equal to more
    Birds in flight and words tonight is I wanna cake date galore
    My plan is bent to an extent the sex went to my head before
    I realize I opened my brain’s door no surprise alone is a bore
    I see lightning and be frighten but its exciting looking into
    Your eyes and your menu implies kisses boo I been through
    A lot and this stuff do drop on papers and leave strong vapors
    Like perfume and I have the type room with a bed that tapers
    Off like tailored suits and tie boo you cute and fly and your
    Thing is absolute pie time to stoop and try get some and pour
    Milk in your cornflakes body in silk I adorn your grapes
    The most exact is to be in close contact with your love
    By way of cell phone they well known for that at clubs
    Can’t put this kiss off til another day and your butter say
    “come get me” grab the wine we have time the toast today
    Is on we can’t postspone this, growth to a strong kiss obey
    Your feelings and stay dealing with our affair so don’t play
    With fire I display a desire for your body, perfume on the menu
    Lets resume and continue to love each other, pankkties thin too

    I can’t be a winner and phony and want a tenderoni like you boo
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    I can’t be a winner and phony and want a tenderoni like you boo


    “Naw player you trying to get some I’m a wet one
    Want to get to have fun kissing my lips, so it’s best I run
    While you sway in your ride want me always at your side
    But nowadays I jest hide, don’t fake you want cake this tied
    My hands, wanna be a winner onstage and on my center page
    But let’s jest close that book buy me rose I’m shook and amazed
    And at this rate you wanna fat kiss and cake so what you gonna
    Do?” “Naw boo what you wanna do?” “With the love talk wanna
    Cum deep but need some sheets and pillowcases and my laces
    But I want a flower vase with a rose or case is close so you races
    Cars like JUSTIN BIEBER HUH? Want me to throw my panties
    To the sky and let the candies fly been listening to CHRIS BROWN
    And he got your head twist around mess around and miss a pound
    Of cake, your love talk cum in little quotes you wanna fiddle with
    My bolts and unscrew my stew and try to get some you are real swift
    Huh? , talking this and that using some brisk chat you heard online
    Even some words and rhymes, it’s really time I leave its phone time
    And my cell is ringing, ding dong and this thing is on know I’m fine
    Like that and my point you’ll never see but like HEATHER BEE
    “I can get you like whenever I want” so yeah like weather I see
    Clouds and you wanna make it rain want cake I can’t complain
    I think you wanna address letter and impress with clever words
    Galore that I’ve never heard before boys like birds be so absurd
    At my door looking for corn, shooken as they adorn my body
    And right there born a party with kisses and tonguing this hottie
    Rattle my red lip and addle my head and hips my mind misled
    I trip wanna jump in bed and grip my waist, their hair be dreads
    Jest mess up the bedspread with beeswax, going crazy on
    My gravy, some boys hair be wavy, doorbell ring ding dong
    You have dumb hustles and cum with muscles like KING KONG
    So I’m quick to walk pass while your eyes talk and stick fast
    To my hips your task is to grip my waist and show slick class
    So you got a renowned stare and for me down there get hot
    And wet a lot so my kibbles and bit it that of a ***** cat so stop
    Teasing and start pleasing my perfume got your heart wheezing
    One part is I leaving out? Sincere hug persevere in love squeezing
    My hand I got a clear view and you very near to my emotions
    Starting to fear oceans of wetness may appear need lotions
    On my legs love talk dries my thighs but soak my pies
    Wanna kiss my lips and hope to grip my rope then tries
    To pull yourself up, it’s a hardcore job to turn my doorknob
    Must turn firmly and this concern me becoming so involve
    You got a hot thirst, must knock first, look at your palms frown
    Then calm down get a grip on yourself, my lips crowned
    Deft in a kissing match, you best change your decision one
    Strange collision could lead to an affair can be we vision fun
    You may try the wrong stuff and that’s strong enough for
    My departure, you alone and must try some fancy clean car
    Talk to get my wet thing in that Lex not ready to cream or
    Scream so far, best for you to dream extreme and throw

    The rest out his mind