Black Poetry : This one dude rap great rhyme in a straight line gently brush and mentally crush most MC'S he convin


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This one dude rap great rhyme in a straight line gently
brush and mentally crush most MC'S he convincingly
in car seat with aligned fibers and can find Uber drivers
wore a tie wanted galore pie from a girl even skin divers
knew he was about to drown by running around after a brown
Soul Sista, a groove in the air he smoothed his hair feet pound
the sidewalk his pride talk girls didn't know whether jump in
his ride or walk,trust a nation and adjust to inflation when
price rise and skies to the limit there pies up in it and then
ask for date and the task is great this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH and he's an odd guy with crews and stop
to modify views prepare for an affair less extreme “GIRL YOUR
breast cream and your dress green it's a min-skirt that soar
in the eyes of boys got pies for toys you a red bone can't ignore
that in love with your skin tone, a change in character could
be strange in America so boo let me unbutton your dress would
suck sudden breasts that be poking he's in stress hoping for goods
your body has true juice and there's a new use for that we could
fall in love ball at the club it's all hugs and kisses don't know who
gonna scrub dishes after cake on a plate, had to adapt to rap and do
use a map to familiarize, “NAW PLAYER now I got sweaty yellow thighs
and mellow eyes and the fellows tries to get some oh how time flies
when a boy at my pies have to duck a lot or get struck by hot love talk
your rhyme threads are extreme and never dead at the scene I walk
lips red body steam, I think you wanna have a party with my body
and sip Bacardi make a trip to HARDEE kiss my lips and yell lotty dotty
oh a yellow Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH a hottie
learned today a new direction that you can't turn away affection
this gift is raw ready to withdraw from stupidity twist the menu
and discontinue this sexual path of math it don't add up send you
a love letter explaining this, sweaty and ready to let go but I'm wet
doe get to flow about making love up in a club this is a wet threat
got class and pride not ready to cast aside that for an over night thrill
see men pretend beg for my cake please then make believe the room filled
with sex and he's jest going crazy on it, oh boys wet dream too much
wise lyrical and like sterilize material real clean, strive with stats search
through collision just to arrive at true decision, be wet in the car and get
as far as the traffic light before giving up tongue boys be so sprung and yet
manage to exist and sometime damage a brisk love affair he will regret
I'm a red bone chick no doubt because my breasts stick out and boys quick
about going to bed while my lips are glowing red