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May 11, 2006
2005 WILDING AND JIVE from VIRGINIA BEACH and he jest ride
to CHESAPEAKE to the REDBONE get a girl and head home a man
can't live by bread alone need a sweet girl to complete his world plan
to get to JARED and get married after he put a ring on it doggone it
his bike is a belt drive which help him survive wear and tear hog zone legit
of a HARLEY DAVIDSON so he's on a DYNA GLIDE which is a finer ride
he deals wit real motors brake discs are steel rotors so he ride for pride
shed tears the bike fed his fears misled by beers a bud light do a thug right
dilly dilly nothing silly about that, scripture is fine picture in his mind he might
use his imagination, love slaughter jerks a girl wet turn on the waterworks
she order mini-skirt pick it up at sears, fears being in front of capt Kirk
beam me up scotty want cream from this hottie it's spotty for jerks
his luck prevails as glamour struck nails with a hammer and that hurts
buildings and he's chilling at REDBONES in Chesapeake coffee perks
exciting when writing and like lightning strike trees when he type these
hype like seas when they wash ashore and squash more brains and leaves
fall from trees so he's in the wind with a white superglide HARLEY to retrieve
some chicks, use dumb trick, come quick with love talk waist get squeezed
“SO BOO we in Chesapeake and your breasts look sweet is best be deep
with the rap keep you trapped in the conversation so really I'm gonna sweep
litter and dirt then consider your flirt gonna do a twitter to alert you boo my
crave empty and a wave of sympathy swept my soul need help to hold and try
control my emotions, girl I have a bike that you like and may get a trike at
a later date not dumb fella sitting under this umbrella so girl you're phat
BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD out front and no doubt the funk a dollar a pound
let me holler at a clown, tires put on at FIRESTONE desire a grown girl with round
brown hips and renown lips for kissing wet and ballistic don't get it twisted lift
your skirt and kiss it jest a KFC biscuit” and he's licking the chicken to try be swift
'NAW PLAYER for a fact I go flirt and boys wanna snack on my yogurt try sniff
my perfume Make it a gift boom mind drift with the tune playing on the CD
she like his white bike but tonight it don't ignite her hormones so look are we
going home? don't think so inside my thing a pink flow on the brink to know, see
you want some cake but don't come fake, I REMEMBER I was on one boy's bike
he enjoys the hype toys with exhaust pipe toss all type of panties in the air, ripe
like fruit he sit between her thighs her cream pies was wet the bike vibrate while
he try for cake she's a wet chick and he get a kick out of seeing her strut butt style
on top of the agenda her body hot and tender he want her to stop and surrender
her panties, “LOOK BOO it's a twisty bizarre how I have a sissy bar like a blender
we can mix up some stuff your lips red and sincere I have headgear we can keep
the bed clear of sheets if you want to boo, I rap without blunder and like a unique
clap of thunder it's loud legit and proud it's the usual friction along with a musical
composition, your panties got class and silk white like a glass of milk delusional
when I dream it's amusing and strange like my cruising range can sex us in
a LEXUS but back to the bike at hand got HARLEY and a phat plan next trust begin
girl get on we must be in the wind and the gust could bend trees and blow off
panties boo you got a twinkle in your eyes ready to sprinkle pies with snow soft
chocolate chips and like rocket ships my tongue ready to take off and toss
juices so I make boss uses of my tongue boo no excuses and I'm sprung to
flow strong and prolong there's no wrong in that then go home eat a phat
Hershey bar and cause controversy and a brew ha! ha! it's a complete stat
girl you have a harmony of colors changing to a army of butters and that
get my attention, so stop playing and hop on the bike and we off into the sunset
I know you fun and wet down there lots of juice around where your thing at let
me please you and squeeze you to while I seize some true cake what you say huh?”
oh she was so hot a lot his plot was not gonna get her on that bike being at REDBONE
is great but he wanted to head home with cake so he has a dead cell phone
can't call out or receive try the WIFI no dice but he has a serious love Jones
for this ride or die chick has pride want pie quick the bar DJ played a slow song
Seven Eleven up on the left my luck is deft in front of a traffic light which makes
it a graphic sight as cars swish by the boys inside wish for pie so boo it takes
a village, my feet numb and I have to meet someone at the club boo let me
love you first and disperse a verse huh? “NAW PLAYER my panties are hot
a lot but they don't get drop too much boy hop to clutch my waist and taste my
tongue and get sprung then they hung and want my brownie cake I know why
DOWNY is great on my panties leave them like a fluffy towel the air get stuffy
when boys howl enjoys and smiles awhile, oh I got lots of juice this is puppy
love, not an excuse your plot is to produce a load of sex that explode complex
in the bedroom while our head tuned to a CD now comes a pile of kisses text
on the cell phone things go well at home want me in the motel alone well oh
tell me something strong, oh my panties are worse for wear and thirst to tear go
fetch a bed or sketch a girl with red lipstick draw a picture use raw scripture
now this a heap of stuff on the street enough to run boys nuts a mixture
of love and hugs, this is a great deal my cake is revealed take a piece feel
a home and try some pie come in slices its brisk yall and like CHRIS PAUL
come brisk with assists jest to score galore come with a great storm yall
let STATEFARM cover it, like LEBRON JAMES not gonna tell you to drink
that SPRITE but I think tonight you may have to, go to many clubs think
I get plenty love not any scrub can kiss my lips I duck that get stuck at
cars that lead to bedrooms, this hardcore stuff, more than enough to rat-a-tat-
tat in boy's brain, so you wanna sniff around had to shift grounds my dress
begin to lift in the wind my mind drift strange tradition had to change my breast
position to pull down my dress this HARLEY doing stuff to my thing it's jest
wet right now


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