Black Poetry : This Love’s For You (from A Tarheel Poet's master series)

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    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
    May I?
    can I?
    saturate myself deep into you,
    slowly, slightly,
    delighting in the simple airs we exchange,
    short, heavy breaths contained
    in an enthralling veil of passion,
    let me fashion myself
    to the skin of your lust,
    massaging it gently,
    feeling its vibrations beneath my hands,
    making it more than apparent
    that intently, I long to….

    suffocate my cares in the breasts of your sensual splendor,
    as we share long love sighs, caught in curious angles,
    and positions the leave us dizzy,
    and spinning like calculated celestial rotations,
    stars in my eyes as we dangle
    somewhere between
    heavenly and surreal,
    indulging my need to feel you feeling like a woman
    beneath me, because of me….

    I want to…
    capture hints of erotic happiness
    in each kiss against your thighs,
    take you on a soul voyage
    filled solely with sex appeal and the satisfaction of pleasing you,
    cup your love, like warm excited flesh, within my hands
    rotating it until it quakes with
    heat like that on Serengeti sands,
    seeing the blackness of your beauty
    lying before me like uncharted lands
    I long to forge passion paths
    to make you understand
    my pleasure lies in desiring you,
    your pleasure lifting me higher
    until I’m superceding clouds 9 and 10,
    standing on some grounds where many men who have loved you walked,
    but I plan to go beyond them

    hoping to show you how
    watching you, before me
    an onyx of orgasm-inducing beauty,
    visual cornucopia of sensuality,
    my mind stimulated
    as fingers interlock
    and your legs wrap knowing around my waist,
    displacing my fears, and worries, and doubts,
    you—my stability, dictate my virility
    with each euphonious moan
    that says “I’m being satisfied”

    cause ultimately, that’s what I want to do…
    be your satisfaction,
    and know that through each of these interactions,
    you’ll be instilled with feelings
    that manifest your own appeal,
    because to me…
    you are art, in motion, breathing…sustaining me…

    let me…
    take your hand into mine,
    find some way, with kisses and light touches,
    to express to you the extent of my love…
    your lips…
    your eyes…
    your breasts…
    your thighs…
    all cum together, breathtakingly, to form
    my centralized desire…
    you’re the daughter of Eve
    and evenings spent with you,
    I sympathize for Adam…
    all the moments spent before her creation,
    lost in darkness, without the sensation of woman…
    luckily, you lie beside me,
    your warmth a reminder of man’s first blessing from God

    so, can I?
    please, allow me to…
    part your legs, with loving hands,
    and explore those places
    that men have never seemed able to understand,
    celebrating your womanhood,
    elating in the flow of your Nile…
    sweat pouring, making me wet from your wetness,
    delighting within that most sacred place,
    where, from there emerges life,
    let me pleasure you with tongue caresses,
    stimulating you to multiple levels of appreciation…
    but not for the appreciation, only to see that glow in your eyes,
    thighs vibrating, the tremble in your voice subliminally saying
    “love is a many splendored thing”
    bring you to soulclimaxes, as your mind relaxes,
    and heart and soul take over,
    pushing you over the edge of intimacy’s wall,
    calling my name over and over
    ‘spirit waker’
    ‘kindler of my flame’
    and my smile reflects that inner joy from bringing you pleasure,
    my lips upon your passion’s lips,
    tongue-kissing them into heightened ecstasy,
    your hands clinging to my shoulders,
    as we both enter into
    the other’s paradise…

    “You are the queen of my domain….black flower…my valley lilied with thoughts of you…African princess…mother of my legacy….praising words fail to described the magnitude…of your touch, your taste, your feel….your simple presence, which dictates the rate of my heart, arousing all of my senses….you are…life, elevated to ideal…no dream mentality could replace the soul-appeasing reality of living, pleasurably with you….you light my fires, unlock all my doors….the mahogany sun in my morning sky….my midnight sky’s Polaris, shining brightly, inviting me into the outer realms of your space….the sole wonder of my world…I strive to make it always evident that this love…well, this love…”

    at it’s most passionate, we infuse ourselves with each other,
    body’s tangled in webs of fingers and hands and thighs,
    lips lost in insatiable kisses,
    tips of fingers tracing tantalizing patterns across trembling flesh,
    me inside you, consumed by our rhythm,
    moans ecstatically climbing curtains and walls, seeking refuge at the heights of our exchange,
    at the top, we find each other, intertwined, minds free,
    feeling the fervor of you + me…
    and in my eyes, a look of increased appeal,
    reeling from the awareness that your desires have been sustained,
    me, drawing pleasure from you drawing pleasure from me
    and we meet in the middle of a knowing smile,
    embracing our love, through the bare bodies of each other,
    trembling, ecstasy brimming from the skin to skin contact…
    and the fact still remains….that you, my queen, fulfill me
    so can I?
    may I?
    dip myself in your radiance’s overflowing pool
    and shout to the world, all my wants obtained…

    that, baby,
    this love’s for you
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    ok...i aint gonna lie to you..i had ta read this in sections and it took a coupla days...LOL...(naw...but...really it did...) it's very lovely!
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    thank you means alot...and LiLi...I'm just glad you read matter how long it took :)

    keep scribin'

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    A sensually, romantic breathtaking MASTERPIECE!​

    I am breathless.....WHEW!

    So magnificently done, TPoet.

    epiphany :heart:
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    droppin da master piece of warmth flow head add more