Black Poetry : This Life I Lead

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    going all the way on everything putting my faith into my great great grandmutha's skies lit up without blurry eyes let the streams roll on down feeling feeling feeling lonely fore the moment moving on by every night and day so called calendar facing battles people can't imagine warring is real fight thrills my will to advance the insanity is the plea i ain't never getting down on both knees please you better blast me away facing high to the faces spinning hands dealing randomly picking suits i got a room called the suite playing my keyz from c 2 da b steady walking with my head up fore the moment lonely...feeling the last moments building up just'a thinking about dem...the memories are hard on me watching my loved ones pouting hearing chokes but i'm mourned out the sun finally came up setting up my dusk my chapters of life read as books of suicide they dopamine race fore them sold out blown gone without a doubt rearranged chorus sung how nobody felt me but those little moments trying my best to see what is ahead of me flesh-wise taking my shades off shadow left me still ain't nobody but no-thing gladly i keep walking watching fore the moment when killer's prey dance they last moment i was destined to feel the drama traumatically fore only moments lasting as seconds just'a thinking about her putting in work faster cause she said i couldn't come home until the family's plan is mastered so i'm stuck checking my thang where my balls hangs i got to keep my head up penetrating what i never felt before is what's up and i'm heading home quicker just'a thinking about those moments emotionless cutting all ties off finally uncut from the noose sacrificing to be still like in two thousand on the board flatlined fore moments the feeling was real fore once in my life is where i'm headed at as i think about it echoing voiceless on the edge of the canyon falling helplessly in love feather-style seeing the walls of judgement etched into my body proudly but i'm not crazy it's just my prerogative obsoletely interdependent live tribalism is my difference from they opinion as i couldn't see it in the physical fear kept real soldiers independent while muthaz visited them in prison writing letters of forgiveness holding on stronger kids grow up taller enemies outflank by the rulers but all blackhawks peeped the picture swooping in unexpected with claws of talons they thought hock's key game were oppressive winters but we spring on them swifter stomping in the line and will disperse out quicker all muscular bodies attacking familiar the elephant remember when ivory husks pierced through them all out the fog engaged in crimes never committed is they endeavor spitting on me like back in the past but quite differently written putting hearts under pressures weakened by fear dwindling the elite i'm pushing on fore destiny fall to the break of infinity i reap mashing everyday spirituals u-n-i-t-e with more peace than the last times so i got ah platoon at attention all twisters narrow paths down eliminating negative influences positively emotional in rhythm sine waves paves tar babies out on the roads out through your hood every single day and every sinegale nytah is the figure without a costume humbly watching frowns from above my wishes are deeper down known common sense comets's scent nu clear phase waning and waxing completely going all the way sacrificing everything two be in heaven everlasting....