Black People : This is what I think about at work.

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    Mesa, Arizona police that is.

    Thoughts for duty to fellow citizen should prevail but fortunately (FREEWILL) they don't always.

    Smut and racism in police e-mails
    Contents contained lewd sexual humor, explicit photographs

    Senta Scarborough
    The Arizona Republic
    Jun. 10, 2006 12:00 AM

    Graphic pornography, gruesome photos and racial and discriminatory epithets surfaced as part of hundreds of e-mails sent by Police Department employees during Mesa's probe into Internet and e-mail policy violations, a Mesa Republic analysis shows.

    The e-mails also included jokes, photos and cartoons about Hispanics, gays, African-Americans, Mormons, overweight people, rednecks and senior citizens. The majority of them involved vulgar language, sex and nude or sexually suggestive photos, mostly of women.

    A total of 266 police sworn and civilian employees were caught in the probe that began last year. Of those, 84 face suspensions and 182 could receive written reprimands. Most of the police employees involve lower-level staff. The department has 1,317 civilian and sworn employees.

    "I think it is an unfortunate event and could have been handled differently," said Joe Shelley, president of the Mesa Police Association union.

    "As a member of the community, I would say, 'Did this affect my police service in any way?' I would say absolutely not. These are very dedicated individuals who care deeply about this community."

    The Police Department will spread out the suspensions so police service is not affected, Mesa police Sgt. Chuck Trapani said.

    Some are serving suspensions, but at least 63 employees have filed grievances with City Manager Chris Brady, who plans to review them starting next week.

    Nearly 230 non-police employees received disciplinary action for similar e-mails this year. The delay in the release of the police e-mails is a result of a dispute between two police unions and City Hall over the severity of discipline.

    Shelley said the employees' due process rights were denied, the investigation was improperly handled and the previous e-mail policy wasn't clear. He said the discipline was handed out before employees had a hearing.

    The worst offenders include two officers whose e-mails included images of sex acts, a video of simulated sex with chairs and frontal nudity. They both face the harshest punishment of a 240-hour suspension.

    Another officer could receive the a 160-hour suspension for sending numerous graphic, centerfold-type nude photos of women.

    Others who may receive 40-hour suspensions sent nude photos of transvestites, painted-on comic characters or animals on the bodies of women and men, or other sexually explicit nudity.

    In April, Brady reduced the level of discipline for police employees who sent e-mails with rear-end nudity, clearing the way for 51 employees of 148 slated for time off without pay to receive just a written reprimand. One of those examples included a photo of a nude man climbing a building.

    In March, a Mesa Republic review of hundreds of e-mails sent by City Hall employees found similar content, including racial slurs, hardcore pornography and suggestive love notes.

    The city's probe of e-mail abuse expanded last fall, after an employee filed a sexual harassment complaint. More than 1,000 e-mails were part of the investigation. The city has issued a tougher policy, requiring employees to sign the policy verifying that they understand the new rules.

    Under Mesa's old e-mail and computer use policies, supervisors were not allowed to monitor employee e-mails, making them harder to enforce.

    "I don't think there will be an issue in the future because there is a clear policy put out by Brady's office," Shelley said.


    In short they did not spend ENOUGH time in their COMMUNITY. IF THEY DID, they wouldnt even EXPRESSED these THOUGHTS (that turned into ACTION) at WORK and got CAUGHT in the ACT at WORK.

    It's safe to assume everything at HOME is GOOD. No issue at ALL.

    Oh well. Hopefully this is a lesson for all.