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    There's a little known "In the business" flipside to this but first the story.

    Thank GOD he's not in HPD HR

    Now check this out & tell me nobody noticed her slothful behavior for over one whole year.

    Fully spooled up


    Ready for action


    Anybody figure this out yet?

    HPD contains the 4th largest PSAP in North America & it took her supervisors over one whole year to figure this out?

    Okay let's say she works 8 hours a day 5 days a week for 260 days (One full work year) excluding 2 days off per week which equates to 2,080 man hours undetected. Maybe some of her supervisors & the manager of 9-1-1 operations should be fired for incompetence?

    Now on the flipside I have intimate knowledge of 9-1-1 PSAP operations & the human factor for stress, burnout & call induced mental trauma right up to PTSD & 10 out of 10 White 9-1-1 operators who resort to what she did were never fired, (Except in very rare cases where death by overt negligence was involved) at worst they were summarily dismissed "without Prejudice" at best they were placed on stress leave & depending on the external or internal factors or influences they were admitted to private psychiatric or substance abuse & addiction facilities for sustained treatment before being medically cleared to return to work. So I wonder what this race based fiasco was really all about?