Black Poetry : This is tall and real like a small meal it all reveal flavor so yall kneel go on a long walk after some strong talk about HIP HOP can fault society fo


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May 11, 2006
This is tall and real
like a small meal
it all reveal
flavor so yall kneel
go on a long walk
after some strong talk
about HIP HOP can fault
society for that
a variety of stats
I'm very quick
and carry a heavy stick
because a car jack
is a bazaar act
now see a girl
that be in the world
hair so free with candy curls
NAW PLAYER I'm crushed like grapes
for wine rush online to escape
when its loco galore
I go shore
like whack ships
when boys attack my lips
they red and fruity
boys said I'm a cutie
so they look at my booty
it bounce like a basket-balls
they wanna dribble it drastic call
this is worth a milk shake
its gonna be an earthquake
when I open my thighs
and you start stroking my pies
could at-least sing some lullaby's
I got my pie wrecked and it hurt
while a boy removed a flyspect of dirt
from my skirt ouch! I was sore
the juice jest pore galore
I was talking couldn't ignore
in stress babble and shook
was ready to travel by foot
bra strap unravel my breast cook
with finesse and expressed in a book
got fie in my lace
must find a high place
you'll tell a lie to embrace
my waist, this is Black Hip Hop
in Virginia Beach at the tip top
and still wanna reach on the beach
A KOREAN GIRL have to teach
boys about their body a peach
best describe my yellow skin
so whoopee fellow men
try hard to get some when
I strut butt and then
they try kiss my red lips
and reminisce my head trip
have to duck a lot
or get stuck in a plot
where I'm yelling stop
and they be going crazy
talking about oh baby
girl you got some good stuff
right here, can't get enough
of this oh I really moaned
and sometimes groaned
saying “oh facts have claws
but no cracks or flaws
oh fought for satisfaction
and used thoughts and action
and that lack reason
especially during a whack season
oh so I spent the summer
and went riding in a hummer
oh I was smelling gravy
and yelling like crazy
he was telling me baby
lets get married, maybe
oh this is out of the ordinary
and no doubt need a dairy
before the milk in my breasts
spill on my silk dress
oh distracted by desire
so I acted to require
more loving and fire
oh I strive with breast
and this bring liveliness
to a boy's imagination
may toy with fragmentation
like a grenade that's made
to blow up, my do-nut afraid
of that, oh chop stick and kimchee
from a hot chick that's simply
fine, oh rice and HOBARK which
is squash
oh critical facts and thats that
wanna be a political acrobat
oh he's tearing it up ouch!
Oh romance is great
but I need a dance break
oh with words I convince
and they make superb sense
oh my brain start
with the main part
of art and boys spark
up some love talk in the dark
oh its hard to stop myself
it coming from the top shelf
of love in the back seat
oh a race for lace at a track meet
I was saying stuff like that

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