Black Poetry : This Is It! Ugh.

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    Use your brain from backwards to front,
    Front to yours straight up,
    Let me check your gear,
    Stand at attention like you should,
    Put that uniform on representing yourself,
    What you see in the mirror?
    Who you see in the mirror?
    Is it the illest or the healer?
    Inspect yourself of how you smelling,
    Inspect yourself of how you seeing,
    Inspect yourself of how you feeling,
    Inspect yourself of how you hearing,
    Inspect yourself of how you tasting,
    Fresh out the gates with a word of space,
    Blow your old mentality away,
    Never go find it or meet your death,
    Be stubborn if you want,
    Seep deeper into a religion that won't lead you,
    Nowhere but back into the scriptures as that character,
    And watch the opposite character come out realer,
    It's the ill thriller you figured,
    And yes you can't teach an ole dummy new tricks,
    But the trick can teach a new treat,
    And the treat can be mint,
    Plus the mint can be too much as you breathe-in,
    The breathe-in is the breath out and i felt it,
    Then shook of life giving up more back,
    From back to back fore any who runs,
    Is the oxygen you need to exceed a cheetah's stamina,
    So fast tears coming out your eyes thinking about your pinnacle,
    All emotion travels like a draft in the wind,
    Focus souljah now stand,
    This is it! Ugh.

    (Diary of a Black Man)

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    Aug 10, 2013
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    Eve is the sub-conscious,
    Adam is the conscious,
    The healer is the super conscious,
    How many times have she said?
    How many times was he not aware?
    Neither is evil if the ego is dropped,
    And the super consciousness drops inn,
    The super conscious can be opposite too,
    Angels are endless,
    Devils are endless,
    As long as one exist,
    Then the other will too,
    Are you a fantasy or a pigment of your imagination?
    Oh you fiend to be real but you can't,
    Oh the desires are tantamount swinging bounce and swish,
    Back and forth more hesitant with rush even confusion left,
    Confusion shook insanity to the left,
    Now that's something correction can figured,
    But the power of emotion draws out the evocation,
    From the masses who feel the imaginary vision,
    The difference between real and unreal,
    Is the physical presence with eyes open,
    And you sleeping deeper into your epitomes death driven,
    Get a grip and shake yourself on,
    Get a grip and stand up righteously,
    Don't lean on a friend crippler,
    Be yourself with the cards as the dealer,
    Deal yourself your hand and play your life to the fullest,
    Express your sins as the witness of death shedding away,
    Slither away brand new into your cove of new secrets,
    But the natural predator digs deeper,
    Better hope the burrow is hug tightly,
    Or risk the unknown being exposed,
    From within yourself telling tales live,
    Your soul ain't ready for your expectancy of lies,
    Dying to be real falling in love rather than being it,
    But love was never there since you came up negatively positive,
    From the gate through honesty you never came,
    You hide behind excuses constantly and don't care about nobody,
    But yourself aiming wreckless out of control as usual but the real person,
    Is in the mirror about to crack,
    So mirror mirror on the wall,
    Who is the best liar of them all?

    (Diary of a Black Man)