Black People : This Is Gonna Blow

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
This Ia Gonna Blow Your Luciferian Guided Mind!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The way for us Black Afrikans to be able to become a Divine challenger to the evil-minded white racist Oligarchy Luciferian Human Being is for Black Afrikans to infiltrate the Mind of white authority and to learn the way white racist evil oligarchs who are intoxicated with the want for power and authority over everything that moves in the physical and that is why they are referred to being the prince of evil, a devil satanic Luciferian Human Being who has no respect for Black Afrikan people in particular.

Now, allow me to share this with you and if your mind caste will not allow you to function on the level of imaginative thinking, then in no way will you be able to follow the logic therein this I will share with you about the evil experienced truth we Black Afrikans are the evidence of concerning the evil nature of white racist oligarchs Luciferian Human Beings.

So, if you are stuck in the caste of Lucifer conditioning of believing, then close your eyes along with your already closed mind to the Divine Truth because you will not be able to digest this I am about to share with you, which demonstrate the power of a Divine free critical Thinking Mind which is what I have guiding me, beloved.

Now, here again, is something I will use as an introduction to what I am about to share with you beloved Black Afrikan people, which is this, I come down on the side of my decision making about Trump not based on what those evil oligarchs so call Liberal Democratic Luciferian Human Beings have indoctrinated the no thinking Black Afrikans to act and behave toward Trump in a misinformed way, yet we believe we do so in our best interest when in fact there is nothing white racist have us Black Afrikans doing that is in our Black Afrikan best interest!!!

So we behave ignorantly toward Trump based on the conditioning we have received by the devil himself, he being that white racist Luciferian human Being who has no love for your Black *** beloved because he knows that you have the potential to become Free the minute you will begin to Think without wearing the ignorant dunce cap of a human being mind.

So consider this:

I am not a political supporter of Donald Trump not for the reason those evil white racist democrats has conditioned the Black Afrikans to be against President Trump, my opposition to President Trump is based on my independent thinking and observation of the president Mind, which indicate a sign of weakness to his responsibility to be able to acknowledge the Divine Truth concerning the right of Black Afrikans in America not by choice and that truth is Black Afrikans in America have the right to return back to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation in our possession and all who is in opposition to our Enslaved Ancestors receiving such Freedom, justice and independence to be in Afrika, then you show the true nature of your mental ability which is to lie too and disrespect the Black Afrikan Race which the two America political parties agree with each other in doing when it come to Black Afrikans in America not by choice.

Now, concerning this political election bebachle which show the depth of evil those Democrats have toward one of their own, that being Trpresidenump which show to the Black world the hunger for power white folks have so to be in control of the Black world and the white world in general.

Listen, the rulers of the white world can not afford for Black Afrikans to be free to think again they have an objective agreement between the two political parties to always be united against your Black *** in keeping us ignorant about our Black self.

White folks pull no punches when in a political fight for power there is nothing they will not do when one or the other is out of political power, to get back in the seat of power in America because to be in power politically in America mean you are in control of the so call free world acting nations that make up that racist world and they all is in sync with each other about the maintain ignorance of Black Afrikan people but will kill to be in the position of world power.

So consider this hypothetical, what is the evil democrats who never accepted Trump as being worthy of being the leader of the free world, not that Trump doesn't qualify, he has proven that he does, but because he is not a member of an esoteric congregation of white wealthy oligarchs with a lineage that goes back to the throne of the United Kingdom he is frown upon for not having the spirit of the royalty of mind and spirit so the democrats evil would not allow them to accept Trump knowing Trump was not born within the framework of royalty.

so, this is what the Democrats did knowing that they could not beat Trump in a political America race for the White House, the seat of world power in their eyes, so even before the 2016 presidential inauguration the evil democrats begin to put together a scenario that will give to them the opportunity to cheat Trump out of a second term and that scenario included conniving with the Chinese Government against Trump which required a way to camouflage the method to be used to cheat their way into the white house and that required the creating of a virus that would be deadly more so to the elderly and the handicap of the world, thus you have the covid 19 version of the Aids virus to pandemically infect the old and the poor amongst us in Lucifer world.

As you see, the covid19 was the democratic strategy to be used against Trump to open up a passway to defeating Trump by using it as a cover to take votes away from Trump because in no way could Biden even with the evil D by his name would not be enough to defeat Trump.

As I have shared with you, my opposition to Trump is based upon Trump's opposition to paying the Debt America owes to our Enslaved Ancestors which is the greatest crime ever to be committed against the Black Afrikan people, our Enslave Ancestors, beloved!!!

Without Covid 19 the Democratic Party would not have been a challenge worth being respected in this presidential season.

Divine Respect


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Lucifer/Satan/Devil -- exist simply as one's lower self. Any other notions are fairytales and make believe!

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