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Feb 26, 2008
"Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths; Let no influence but your own rouse you in time of peace and in times of war. Hear all but attend only to that which concerns you, your allegiance shall be to your RACE, then to your family and your country. Remember always that the Jew in his political and economic urge is always first a Jew, the White is first a White man under all circumstances; And you do nol ess than being first and always a Black man. Then all else will take care of itself. Let no one inoculate you with evil doctrines to suit their conveniences. There's no humanity before which starts with yourself. "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME" First to thyself be true and thou canst be false to any man.

Nature first made us what we are and then out of our own creative genius, we make ourselves what we want to be....."

by the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey


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