The Front Porch : This is for the South Carolina folks incoming...(I posted this in the wrong forum).


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Feb 17, 2013
thanks again for the time and i will be back next week with our site, fundraiser link, upcoming fundraiser functions here in SC and much more. the website upcoming will have all the details to include projected salaries and how we can collaborate worldwide via www or locally and mash for the dreams for the young ones, for the communities as a whole of one love. will post the links under Destee websites folder and locally. BLAQ LOVE POURAHTREE will have it's physical address posted along will number contact on the website. there will be a community which is actually the link posted under the website folder and in my blog here. BLAQ LOVE POURAHTREE Community is one where we get down make art turned into payday for all of us except me lol. donate literary works there then we press it up agreeing on a cover, pictures then pressing up ourselves. i will get no profit for hosting your arts for sale as long as you donate a piece of art so we can store it for other projects of BLAQ LOVE POURAHTREE like a museum on ground or art expo plus your getting exposure and getting paid...this would probably be best among the females who need or want something to do during spare hours well do some arts! if you're thinking about love then let it be known for all under your pseudo name...write plays??? hit the website....arts??? hit the website...poetry??? hit the website and let's put an album together as I'm just a diplomat in this getting us out here and pay without even moving, well, your mind and hands then post your stream of literary works. yes this is happening now so no more individual no let's be indivisible. one love and peace and keep the energy moving like an arrow on target slicing through the air.


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