Black Poetry : This is extreme art

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    This is extreme art
    that’s keen and sharp
    and rip spleens after dark
    this art anoints //
    Comes to a sharp point
    before it stabs reality finger joints //
    Pop, never rude
    just clever and shrewd
    could feel forever screwed
    if I don’t administrate rhymes //
    That penetrates minds
    and eliminates crimes
    this demonstrates the times
    we’re in right here online //
    feel quite well
    for real can write swell
    but tonight can tell
    a story//
    must recover my style
    trust me a brother gone IDLE WILD
    like ANDRE BENJAMIN feel a mild
    OUTCAST and that a class mandatory //
    Lyrical friction
    at physical positions
    do exist
    a true twist
    in //
    Policy to get quality in the rap game
    I try trap the lame
    and win //With verse
    I’ve begin to thirst
    for wine already let the game begin //
    this is intensive for real
    it’s like and expensive meal
    a winner //with a brain
    ready to entertain like dinner on a plane
    with a slender //dame
    we share bread
    and care about the bed
    patience grow tender//
    Plenty emotions
    and many oceans
    to cross need a boat to proceed //
    With quotes these seeds
    And choke the ground all around then breed //
    Cattle and grow crops
    so I know HIPHOP
    and rap music is my creed //
    Posts make sense
    and most intense
    like headaches let the doctor //
    Prescribe something
    this jive not sugar dumpling
    but is a helicopter //
    With blades like WESLEY SNIPES all types of vampires flying //
    Up in here they feed off blood
    I need the holy cross of love
    trying //
    To defeat them, these facts renown
    they smack clowns
    while forming //
    Abstract nouns
    hey yall put that crack down
    outside it’s storming //
    is //Taking over
    and this is hot and simply in the proximity of the biz //
    Near to home
    can hear the phone
    ring crack man is calling so hide //
    Don’t answer, so the game is strange
    and remain unchanged
    will collide //With folks
    and ride on remote roads
    with loads of knowledge somehow //
    Got a hot flow that’s brisk
    and rappers not to know this
    so grind kapow //
    And time for chow
    yo I’ll take some crab legs
    my vocab over the edge //
    See girls with tall romances
    for all circumstances
    wanna rub their legs //
    Her flirt spark
    like a work of art
    mini-skirt shake my heart
    got to be quick //today
    make bricks from clay
    no sick delay
    her body hot and can flic my bic //
    this is a love frenzy
    and like SPUD MCKINZEY
    ready to bark
    sweaty after //dark
    and be a dog in this here
    boo I need a kiss sincere,
    it appear she master //
    the twerk game, wanna add milk
    to your coffee and rub your mad silk
    softly //
    grab book and page through
    and like a stage crew
    ready for the first act costly //
    facts are
    and backs are broken
    with heavy grammar that weigh too much //
    wanna kiss her lips and stay in touch
    wanna play and search for her g-spot clutch //
    her waist and beg for lace like boo give me some, want butter on location
    and after //further negotiation
    may get lucky and pull this off and kiss her soft lips and get pastures //
    of love

    “I never think fast
    and drink from a flask
    on the brink may need some class //
    A marriage whack
    is like a savage attack
    you get beat down
    and heat and trash //All around
    can only frown
    and strongly crown
    the queen of destruction and flash- //
    Backs come a dime a dozen, girl got a wet flirt
    Get on with your work let me insert //
    Some tongue boo, and who you been giving to anyway? You let your boyfriend work //
    It over huh?

    “WELL I’m gonna have to think awhile
    even though my flirt style //Panties are pink so smile
    you wanna enjoy the wind
    and be my boyfriend
    while //
    In a drop top the kissing juice drip drop
    while listening to HIPHOP
    that’s your style //
    You wanna get a strong loan from WELL FARGO
    Then buy a swell MONTECARLO
    put //
    Diamond in the back a sunroof top and a dove on the hood
    Plus love is good,
    foot //
    In the gas tank burning a do-nut
    learning how to blow up //
    on the street want my wet tongue
    then try to get some
    suck //
    my breasts in the process huh? my thing soft and phat a girl //
    must think
    or her world will sink
    in the backseat of some boy’s //
    car, my lips red and I strut plus will hurl butt and this alone
    toys // with the plot
    of boy’s a lot
    keep my head up stay true and smart
    and listen // To 2PAC
    taint with scriptures
    and paint pictures
    and be kissing //
    to new art
    so you think you overdue for a part of me
    and I start // to see
    things and hope there be rings on my fingers at Walmart //
    so I’m in an affair blind taking my spare time it’s all dark //
    tricks from your skills
    wanna score on the hills
    of success you more //thrill
    over my breasts
    even a bolder test await
    while my cake just soar //
    in the bedroom scream ill
    my thing cream filled
    an extreme bill
    of health test //my body
    you want me to bless your party
    like strobe lights
    wanna be in your robe //tonight
    while I strut around
    in an unbuttoned gown
    and sudden you hound and probe //
    for sex, you got bold quotes
    and told jokes
    that tickled me pink
    now must eat a pickle //and think,
    huh not even pregnant yet why I need a pickle?
    Well I guess really a popsicle //
    would be fine, think you wanna squeeze my waist
    and beg to please for my lace
    but not //gonna leave this place
    so get off your knees it’s a waste
    of time really want a cup of hot //
    chocolate doe
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    but you kidding here nobody is dropping rhymes now like you said people change and the rules should to feel me? as a mod you shouldn't ever seek praises especially if you not capable of dropping a verse