Black Poetry : This is a reply to "war on the black man"

we agree to disagree

i didn't mean to disrespect

not trying to imply "You are confused"
but i believe you are confused on this point

we are conditioned man

and the sooner you see this as a SET-UP the better

example: if somebody kills 40 people don't tell me he killed 40 people

tell me the MIND SET that got him to that point


i apologize if i came off disrespectfully cause that's not my angle

but don't put us down until you understand the MIND-SET

of US and THEM

PEACE my brotha

and love as always


p.s. - i ain't mad at cha:D

I said alot with my first post and here I go:eek: with my big mouth!
I was born in the Dirty South, lived all places East and West, now residing in the midwest and lived in Chicago for five years both
on the South and North Shore (Kenilworth), I think any black person who doesn't realize systematic oppression , creates
self hatred and every other self destruction, for you are no
longer human. Me thinks you suffer from the Cassandra Phenom
where the captive falls in love with her captive.
HONEY WE AIN'T IMMIGRANTS WE WAS AND STILL ARE CHEAP LABOR !!!!!!! Freedom no one can give to you I agree it is a state
of mind! But, come on people...Why do people kill each other, do it from a scientific point of view , criminal, moral, bibical, whatever
I don't care, just acknowledge that by far More White People Take Lives FOR HEINOUS PURPOSE THAN ANY BLACK MAN IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!
Street So'ja

You keep saying "US" like I'm not in that group. My skin is black and my hair is nappy, Yes nappy. I have dreadlock in my hair so I know first hand about being the out cast. Now that I'm School in a small small white town I get all the looks that you can think of. At times me "blackness" is question. So I know why you are upset and why we all should be upset. But that wasn't my point, my point was take responsilbity for self that was all. I know about all the things that the "man" has done and what he will do. I know. At the same time we as black people need to come together and get self right, and stop putting the blame on everyone else.

Some thing to think about...

How did we going from being Kings and Queens to ***** and *******. (how did we let that happen)
When are "WE" going to draw the line and say I am what I am not what you make of me. I understand what we go through everyday and yes it's hard. But are you tell me that I should put in my sons head that everything that goes wrong blame it on someone else?!? Like I told my mother and now I'm tell you I REFUSE TO RAISE A *****. If it take my last breath thats what I going to do. Replys are welcomed

To understand how we behave, you must go back to the beginning. I in no way excuse the behavior, but I understand
its manifestation. I suggested in my earlier comment to go
check out the link that was given, so that you can understand
the dynamics of the mechanizations that was placed upon
us as a people. A lot of the ideals that we have become accustom to has been misinformation or lack of true historic
information. I don't believe the statistics you quoted (48%)
ring true, do you realize that means half of all black folks is
out there commiting crimes? Thats unrealistic.... Crime is a part of our neighborhood, but it is a part of the hispanic neighborhood, it is a part of the causcasion neighborhood
etc. The only reason why some of us focus on the crime in
our neighborhood is because, we live there, and its a subliminal message reinforced by television, media and the movies. Let me give you an example, I was watching tv one day, a study was given on the effects society has on children. The test had black and white children (6yrs) sit down and look at pictures, in one picture they had a black child standing at the top of the steps and a white child falling down the steps. The picture was shown to the black child, and she was asked is the black child pushing the white child down the steps or helping him up. The black child answered, "pushing him down the steps." The same picture was shown to the white child and the white child's answer was the same. Now the picture was reversed and it was the black child falling down the steps and the white child at the top. Well guess what?
Both children said the white child was helping the black child. My point is... it is that kind of conditioning that has some of us confused and instead of changing our situations
or directing that anger into a contsructive force we become angry at each other, thus we rob, kill and turn on ourselves.
So the problem is much deeper then what you see on the surface, and you gain true understanding when you learn about your true history, not the lies that was taught to you in
school. You want to teach your son not to grow up and be a victim of his environment, you don't associate good with just being white (I'm not saying that is what you are doing, but some of us do) you teach him about his true history, you give him the tools he will need as a Black Man in this society to combat racism. You teach him to be proud to be an African American Man and most importantly, you do not focus on the negatives of our people (I'm not saying shelter him from the negative, but don't lead him to believe that all bad things are associated with the black man, ex. your use of the word..."*****"). First and foremost I agree with Joyce find our way back to God....yes, we have a few bad seeds, but you know what.....we are not the only ones. I believe we are a CHOSEN PEOPLE....but we will not reap the benefits of that blessing until we love each other and love ourselves.
ps....My words are not in anger, but to enlighten.....One Love




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