Black Poetry : This is a reply to "war on the black man"


Jul 25, 2001
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Was it the white man?!?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to sell drugs to his own mother?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to be a "*****"?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to kill innocent kids and not feel bad about it?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to forsake his own childern?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to rape,rod and kill him own?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to buy a 50,000 car with the matching rims, but live in his mother's basement?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to put gold in his mouth and expect to get a "real" job?

Was it the white man who told the black man that it was ok to blame all his problems on him?

This is a reality check......

When are we as black people going to start taking responsiblity for own actions? The white man didn't tell you to pick up that gun and kill. He might have put it in your hands but he didn't make you pull the trigger. He might have brought all the drugs here but he didn't make you sell them.
We need to stand up and say YES I DID THAT. YES I killed that little boy, Yes I sold drugs and Yes I have forsaken my childern. Because as long as we blame everything that goes wrong in our lives on them, we're alway going to remain "******" to the white man.
I'm tried of seeing my black males standing on the corner wasteing their lives not understanding how much more there is to life. When are we going to say enough is enough and stop blame everything on the"Man"?????????? We need to get it together

Skeptical objections for there is truth in what you say
But that was not the essence of the poem that was
written today. Years of Opression teach agression.
For agression = might means right! And in this country
the one with the might is often white.
To say take responsibility , they do each day they hear
a brother or sister focus on their faults rather than to
uplift the good in them! We have lost our way and it is
we who must find it. And where do you see yourself?
No this is an open forum, I can bear witness to that
they might not agree with your words but they will
allow you to speak. Sharing our thoughts as poets
we should spend out time with loftier ideals, how
to lift the masses, how to reach and touch and evoke
and motivate people to the very core of their being.
Thats what being a poet means. Yes , some of your points
have valid issues, but that was not the question.
For she raised valid issues as well. Read between the lines
as I read in between yours. I know that perhaps you are
wounded by the world view of the Black community, but
we have produced the likes of the Wayans, the Winans, The Jacksons and many more! Don't be so quick to judge unless
you sit behind the gate and wait! There is but one worthy to
judge. They say don't hate the player , hate the game.
DOn't hate the person, hate the reason that drove them to
do what it is that is so bad to you! And then do something
about it! :peace:

I am in agreement with Mz B, as African Americans I don't think we dispute the fact there are some serious prolems in our communities. However, we would also delude ourselves not to take issue to what is being done
to us systematically as a people. What I say is
we have to......fix our own house...yes, but we
also have to become aware of what is going on around us, for example, the malicious murder
of young black men in the streets by Police. A new law passed that allows police all over the country to racially profile all black motorist,
who they suspect to have criminal intent. The
eradication of Affirmative Action, that allowed
us as African Americans to have equal right to owning property, to fair treatment of housing
and equal opportunity to be hired or not hired by the color of our skin, but by our credentials. Although we should take responsibility for what we do......true. It would be foolish of us, not to realize that there still are certain racist factions
intent on our destruction and some are in high
offices creating the laws. Did you know that, the only thing that keeps us from being put back in chains is the Civil Rights law?.... Yes, the same law that freed us 400 years ago is still on the books and it is possible to be reversed. Pay attention......what is now happening around us
is eerily a reminder of the 60's struggle, that Martin Luther King....Malcolm X, Medgar Evers died for. Back then the police were killing our men, lynching our men and we had to use separate fountains. this was only a very short 40 years ago and before that. Yes, we have some serious issues to address in our
communities and attitudes, but we also have to be aware, that we are not responsible for our treatment or do we deserve it. We are human beings in this world, just like other races. As
long as I have breath, I will not mistreat anyone...I do what I can to change our young people's attitudes, but I have my eyes opened and aware what is being done to us behind the
scenes and sometimes even publically. Fyi,
for those who want to learn what is being done to us systematicly and psychologically read the
Willie Lynch speech at www.****************** and I'm sure you will be amazed, cause the effect still goes on today.



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