Black Poetry : This is a gift an act folks sniff my facts and detect a smell at home now have to protect my cell


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May 11, 2006
This is a gift an act
folks sniff my facts
and detect a smell at home
now have to protect my cell phone
proceed needing force
to complete a speed reading course
with fear in mind
need a clear sign
in here when I find
love, comes to kisses got a boss load
to drop off at the crossroads
toss codes in love letters boys better
listen now needs fresh air
as some paths leads to despair
and like Davy Crockette
this gravy can rocket
and kill a bear so I drop it
like it's hot turning like a sprocket
on a bike
stuff strong tonight
my system in a groove
with wisdom to choose
this rhythm can't loose
oh well guess I'm behaving in an unladylike fashion,
crazy type with passion
at night eat sea rations
with gravy
now I'm a VIRGINIA BEACH CHICK with brown skin
and boys ride around in Benz
try pick me up in town it begin
a race for my panties they try spin
my head one boy asked for a date to win
my love in the club
he ride on dubs
probably sip gin
prevail sweet,
inhale deep
like WHITNEY somehow
I'm a Black Soul Sista true and fine
but thoughts ran through my mind
a girl in confusion
came to a world of conclusion
a boy was trying to get some have a pearl in my ring
he hurl bling
around his neck but not gonna give it up
and live corrupt
as a thot and boys really wanna take me home
like LISA LISA and the CULT JAM its disco strong
and a kiss woah! Its on
After a brisk flow love jone
come near
and from here
it goes south so my name is Annie May
and really some of my panties on display
got tremendous cream
at a continuous stream
in my panties you see boys know that
and their flow is phat
so they go hats
off to me
kempsville Road pass out-front
and no doubt the hunt
is on for girls
in front is the SEVEN ELEVEN there PHILLIPINE chicks hurl
butt and be kissing off
while twisting soft
butt sometime candy curls in their hair
with love to spare,
far as boys in their garage are hummers
in large numbers
of them and now order some cucumbers
have a slim meal
be above the rim and real
the left the flow of traffic
grow so graphic
sparkling drop top
in parking lots
and marking their spot

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