Black Poetry : This Country, Gone to the Dogs,

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    This Country Gone to the Dogs

    My rhymes from a lyricalculture and their physical structure //Is like animal and plants rejuvenate at a fast true rate on scultures //Of hate even on statues of virgins the phat truth surging it’s //Urging folks even residents get reached like the president’s legit //Speech about schools teach and reroute fools why the school boards //Blocked that out of classrooms we crash and doomed our society ignores //Good things even my hood bling get criticize and a variety stupidity pours //On the television we ready for a hell of collision with reality propaganda soars //In the manner whores love, exaggeration makes us a maggot nation //Refusing to accept the truth the president can’t help the youth bad situation //Our ear walls are wooden we all putting hate in our heart and eurinate on //The part of truth use religion to abuse our decision we debate the wrong //Info, try do good but the plywood of our history is a mystery not strong //Followers of the illegal and swallowers of evil need a clever plan because //Together we stand and divided we fall god provided all we need so pause //On the flaws we see today, or meals are regular so feel the pleasure //of freedom, read to constitution the ancestors left need solution and treasure //I write plenty of scripts while enemy ships awaits to float on our waters //In our system of wisdom there stands a number dogs and like lumber and logs //They float like boats downstream out of control clowns teams and then clogs //Our minds with excuses not valid it like hot balad that no one dance to we //Got a chance to do the right thing lets get a tight cling society and make us free //