Black Poetry : This boy wanna get laid with cake but I made my escape from the drop top that was in the parking lo


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May 11, 2006
This boy wanna get laid with cake but I made my escape
from the drop top that was in the parking lot had a great
shine sparkling and hot his sick plan was spic-n-span had
to plot for this after one hot kiss my body changed them mad
hormones came quick his game slick don't know what to name it
he was in a hurry and I begin a deft worry and like Stelph Curry hit
a three on GP but no baskets here so drastic it appear he wanna
dribble my hip and fiddle with the phat lips on my thing I'm gonna
leave before that happen behind some phat rapping, my breasts are nice
help boys escape the stress of life they be hooked and lay shook in bed a price
to pay for staring so hard today,” “LOOK BOO girls see my hummer get aroused
we go to summer house and there bed springs go bang after we play cat and mouse
game, so I design rhymes to find whackness that be online to practice yet
they can't smack this with a fly swatter you a girl with pie hotter and wet
a BLACK SOUL SISTA in VIRGINIA BEACH girl you have chocolate for my rocket
and it's ready to take off because your cake so sweaty and soft with droplets
of syrup like IHOPP pancakes and boo your breasts the best can't settle for less”
“HOT LIKE a white rose my window not quite closed and latched you can bless
me with love words in my ear I begin to hear wedding bells ring they go ding dong
and sing a song play ping pong with my eardrums like the mighty KING KONG
not fearsome so you wanna put a ring on it? And get my thing doggone it, but
I must awake can't thrust my cake to anyone plenty must be done not my cup
of tea, oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH and this is Black
HIPHOP luck is no joke when it's up in smoke like CHEECH AND CHONG must attract
boys up in here, go to night clubs to find the right thugs it raw and ready to turn back
the hands of time” “I REMEMBEER one time sitting in this boy's lap gitting slapped with
toy rap had on a mini-skirt, bra and panties, oh under my skirt the butter perked swift
and needed further work as he sniff my perfume kaboom! My thing got wet in the room
the kissing was doomed as we were listening to a tune oh there could be complex sex soon
in a groove for days just to improve my grades my mini-skirt in bold and I must work to control it and stroll wit it down, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH flirt true
like and actress in practice for an up coming movie stumbling as a newbie in HIPHOP
“AW GIRL you got some sweaty black thighs I got a sprung tongue for you boo I drop
my purse it got worse he jest kissed my lips right there on the sofa oh stop!”
“BOO REMEMBER MY mind say it was a fine day to go sailing while my flow
is prevail well that morning got a phat warning need a chick to kiss oh so
quick and brisk then sail off into the sunset not having fun yet wanna float
a boat in hopes of finding a girl and rewinding my world wishing bold but broke
a fishing pole trying to catch trout I bait my hook wanting cake and shook hope
for good luck, learning as a lover but smell burning rubber concerning the other
side of this affair can do for some fresh air you got breasts to spare that smother
all my words well anyway got plenty to say met a girl with wet candy curls in
VIRGINIA BEACH could only reach for the sky wanted some peach pie girlfriend
so my world spin positive it's strange times I change my mind about fishing and
no doubt kissing take center stage oh gosh she had black sweaty thighs in a mini-skirt
can't afford to use the wrong words need strong verbs, her body fleshy grade so alert
to the freshly made buttermilk in her breasts, I hope to pull her rope and get some
dope sex
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He wear cleats around got his feet on the ground like cats at
track meets his facts deep with the speed like FLOJO stats
rise, at the club stay and think but have to pay for drinks
holding a boss code ran across the road and through a hedge
gave a true pledge and jumped off the edge of a ditch a wedge
is needed to separate his life and devastate with advice, his


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