Black Poetry : this been a nation with a generation that parade in the club and has made love the focus of attention so like a locust in a dimension he's ready to ho


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May 11, 2006
this been a nation
with a generation
that parade in the club
and has made love
the focus of attention
so like a locust in a dimension
he's ready to hop on a crop
and be steady for Hip Hop
need true tissues
because of two issues
at the center
if he becomes a phat winner
he takes the girl home
and she'll probably have pearls on
in this world he's not alone
plus his HARLEY DAVIDSONS are chrome
now this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
see a redbone peach and it's time to reach
no doubt lethal
without equal
see a girl
that be in the world
a little rough around the edge
boys fiddle enough hound and beg
wanna work the middle
jest because she flirt a little
HE SAID: look boo need your address
there's a method to this madness
he have a car my dear
it's parked not far from here
we go to the store around the bend
plus he see some girls with brown skin
they can go to town and then
shop a lot til they drop in-
side the double doors
can be trouble galore
he's classy and shook
got a glassy look
in his eyes
she can win with pies
he loves to travel and explore
wanna unravel her bra breasts galore
marches with precision
and watches television
SHE SAID: have clever luck but wet
but never too upset
to talk to a boy let
them romance me
chance to be
his girlfriend
but need to interview
before proceed and have dinner too
he was devastated how her lips red cake
she was aggravated by a headache
a continuous pain in the head
a tremendous brain could be misled
they met in class
and she became wet fast
and had to get pass
that, all this female chemistry
is like small scale industry
carried out in her own home
being wit this boy she not alone
she let him insert
words in her network
and she have on a wet skirt
oh he went for the panties
she had to pushy him away candies
sticky, HE SAID: my dew rag is clean
but like them magazines
have new quotes
for a few folks
and he do hope
it reach their ears
on the beach they share beers
hustle to maintain
all muscle and no brain
she jest flirt about
but he do work out
this lyrical sense
is like physical strength
Samson and Delilah know
she said her cake in flight
fly pie at a great height
so you want cake today
to take away
from the bedroom don't play
restrictive in the club
absolutely no addictive drugs
for the bozo brain
no cocaine
let me explain
so his car is outside
can drive to the bar with pride
OK she's a REDBONE a yellow
Soul Sista and boys try mellow
love talk a lot she jest say stop
oh she was wit this one boy and hot
he wear bling that tame
and that bring shame
to those that don't
his facts superior
and like bacteria
they degrade food
and persuade the attitudes
of chicks real quick
she's a yellow queen at best
took a screen test
end up a actress
but need practice
HE SAID BOO “you a red-bone cutie
and to get you in bed at home is his duty
even hooty and the blow fish know this
you strut pie around
and now lie down
he wanna try your pound
cake, mess around and bake
it girl you got lemon pie, wanna take
a slice tonight is chancy
for my flight of fancy
he sniff sincerely soft perfume
can smell clearly across the room
love is not a combat sport
but stats could end up in court
words from her lips
made him come to grips
with her sweaty yellow thighs
her red lips awaits a kiss
oh he jest can't take this
she have on panties wishes are pink
but there is dishes in the sink
she try see smart
but a boy's remark
took her by surprise
he wanted to look at her pies
she said nope
the bed is broke
so throw that out your mind
don't think its your time
to hit this
maybe a legit kiss


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May 11, 2006
maybe a legit kiss”
oh a yellow Soul Sista go
through a lot this blister flow
don't stop boys in VIRGINIA BEACH
HE SAID: OK look boo I stunt around town
and hunt down
chicks and some be brown
and thick, so I'm a hound
live to taste candies
and give chase to panties
especially a red bone yellow”
yeah my pie divine
and boys try find
me so I duck a lot
be in a corrupt spot
may need a cup of hot
thrilling coffee
this could be killing me softly
on a murder track
the flow I deliver
will go to the river
and catch brisk trout
after I fish about

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