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    Living Here

    I’ve seen em come and I’ve seen em go. . . . .
    YOUNG BLACK MALES victims of violence,
    Lives snatched bodies cold,
    Families wondering what they could have been
    never even got to see them grow old,
    YMCA Inner City Youth Center came to late,
    Couldn't topple KING PINS from working their weight.

    But in all I’ve seen em come and I’ve seen em go,
    I’ve seen em come home from the hospital nice and new,
    Even their curious faces crowded by the bus stop on their first day of school,
    Ive seen so many summers go past,
    Little ones spics and blacks playing together happily in the fire hydrants turning Creston Ave. into their own personal waterpark

    I’ve seen the little posses of "brothers & sisters" fall on owners of the Bodegas across the street,
    Pretending they want to buy something then starting an argument with the owner all to pile a couple of 75 cent apples in their shirts tales and jet down the block!!
    HA! I throw my head back and laugh!!
    That trick gets em every time!!

    After a while its so sad to see those young souls later in Adolescents being grabbed up by gangs,
    Filling their heads with the Gospel of the Streets,
    Planting seeds of hate that turns them into ruthless brutes!
    Imagine that next door neighbors, families who grew up on the same stoop,
    But as soon as someone throws the wrong sign or flys the wrong flag they ready to shoot!

    Crabs, Flakes, Folks, Peoples, at one time we all ate at the same table!!
    Collectively are hearts bleed for REVOLUTION!!!
    Now it bleeds for VENGENCE!!!!
    Street soldiers fall like leaves from trees in autumn.
    But just as quickly a little shorty fills there spot and
    raises their flag to fight for "THE CAUSE"

    I've seen em come and I've seen em go,
    Lazy afternoons spent
    trying to cheat the old men out of their money in speed chess!
    Sunsets that came cresting over the overhang
    As I sat here in St. James Park
    wrapped in my gold and black flag,
    Armed with my pen & pad
    Head bowed in the pit of my chest
    composing hood rhapsodies about the life it gave!!

    Living here in the heart of it all
    I have had night mares from all Ive seen,
    Ive been caught in the crossfire,
    Seen Mothers grieving in the streets at 2:30 in the morning
    holding lifeless bodies of their sons!!
    Fathers searching hopelessly for their daughters!!!

    I've seen playgrounds at night turn into Fourth of July firework displays,
    with clicks bustin back at each other.
    Find out next morning on the news
    that stray bullets killed innocent babies.

    I've seen school yards turn into battlefields,
    seen threats of violence fulfilled as snitches get knifed.
    I've seen the concept of Social Darwinism applied to hood life.
    You either get them or you get got.

    The world outside of this place has just recently become apparent to me.
    And although it seems melancholy, my soul has learned liberty,

    Living Here
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    sassysammy this was fire ......I've seen it coming too
    just didn't know what to do , so i sit and turn blue
    from the mental corrupt like new ......this was hot and on point
    flow on !
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    You painted a vivid picture of how a neighborhood seems to go from playing tag to tagging each other with guns within a blink of an eye. Great flow.