Black People : Think-Tankin Outside of the Box: How/Where?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by anAfrican, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I am so ready for exactly this sort of "uprooting"! If you would, Riada, or anybody else that might be aware of same; I'd sure appreciate pointers to architects of such blueprints. Even better would be to find a community that might be attempting to implement possibilities derived from said blueprints.

    :)confused: <overwhelmed> Sorry, I just can't seem to think straight right now. I'm supposed to have been doing this (moving) right now but am not really able without a bit of physical rehab. COPD/breathing is getting worse; way out of shape; complete lack of personal/emotional/physical support. Oh, and there is that "money" thing ... not to mention the thought that moving into a neighborhood with a van full of puters, circuit boards and books might would set me up for a "visit" from "entrepreneurs of the streets" seeking to increase their cash flow at my expense. I tend more toward living in a tech lab than a "home": I think in my next place, I'll put the living/dining room group in the bedroom and convert that space into a data/learning resource center. Add to everything else, now i'm so stressed i'm scatterbrained! I'm really starting to feel that phrase "at wits end"! :lol: )