Black Poetry : Thingz I Can Do When I Vow!

Royal_T .........indeed we all can use some of this kinda
love Thankz u know dem bells ringing
they now loud yet but when u get close they will be
playin a song so sweet it will knock ya off yo feet
Thankz big time

1poet.......u know dis right get wit str8 love and feel da compassion but man u be laying it down ya self
big thankz bruh !
here my heart sing
and the vow my soul brings
the lovin touch of tyme
as i make u mine
in a sweet uplifting romance
as we play & dance
mend ya broken heart
with compassion
as i bring forth a love
a bond to embrace
and see da look on ya face

feel my vow as i speak
caress u in so sweet
from heaven 2 earth
and in between
it's a true vow i sing
u ready 4 dis love thing
that my love truely bring
sing in songs of butterfly
let it peek
make me weak
but i'll alwayz watch as u sleep
ova u i roam ya mental
comfort u ummmmm! in da middle
my vow is strong
even when ya right or wrong
allow me to listen inside
where u & ya heart reside
intently i pose unto thee
openly , gently , sweetly , freely

If you can do all of that
With just a vow
I can promise
never to lack,
in the area of love.
Make you say Wow Girl....
All that for me now?
Just for you your not insane...
Its a shame good men get lost in the game...
Hold your breath
but not for long
your voice was heard
so strong.

(Can I print that one? Sweet real sweet.)


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