Black Sports : Things White Do to Make Other Whites Feel Better About Losing.


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Jul 12, 2015
atlanta ga
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Serena sure did answer so graciously. You know this system is so bad. Many years back, I remember they did the same thing in boxing. I don't watch boxing but, I just remember the huge hype when White people wanted the White boxer to win so bad. And now, I see their doing the same thing in Women's Track and Field. I just realized that women competed this past spring and no sooner than a White young lady hit the track with speed, that they started reporting with headline titles like, Is Dafne the hottest body in the Olympics. lol! All those incredibly gorgeous Black women that have dominated track and field and as soon as a White women seems to be good, here comes the racial tension. What a shame. it is so sad. I mean Shelley-ann Fraser-Pryce is so small compared to Ms. Schiffer but yet, still she proves that she has power, Grace, & Beauty! Oh My God. Oh My Enki! He's Good! He's Good!
Oh yea. Track and field is dominated by black athletes! They need a great white hope. It's rare to see a white chic with some wheels. Hottest body? They are straight trippin. You can't find a finer group of men and women than in track and field. And all that natural physical prowess black men and woman already have is just exacerbated when combined with that level of fitness. Dafne is certainly NOT THE HOTTEST. I know white folks sleep better WISHING it were true.

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