Black Poetry : things unspoken


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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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I see within you things unspoken
stories too precious to share
I see a world of serenity
full of hopes, lives and cares

there is a chest with a golden lock
no place for combination or key
there are golden plates on top
etched in the center, the word ‘Destiny’

I see you sitting not too far away
waiting for the day to appear
that what’s inside will be released
and beckons you to come near

I see many suitors waiting in the wings
for a time when they would try
to climb the pedestal upon which you sit
that is constantly on the rise

the men come with different gifts
things of glitter; foods so sweet
but these are mere coverings for
jealousy, hatred and deceit

these suitors have fallen away from truth
seeking to claim you for their desires
not realizing that the eyes in which they
see are consumed by lustful fires

but through all the battles around
me there i sit timid and shy
and while they battle to climb the
walls, on wings of eagles, I shall fly....


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