Black People : Things That Make You Go HUH?

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    May 3, 2002
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    This season is my first watching some of "American Idol."
    I think, including last night I have watched 3 maybe 4 times.
    Last Night the 3 people on the show- were all in jeopardy of being booted off, were Sisters.
    Now, I am a music buff, a connosseaur of sorts... I am an Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis Fanatic... My collection is extensive.
    So, I just want to say to you that these 3 Sisters can sing; and I would not be surprised if they already have somebody offering them up some contracts. They are not your usual contestants... they have lowered themselves to be in this contest. So, how or rather why has this happened?

    I mean, there was Clay Aiken? He is not attractive, and he cannot sing, the first time I heard him sing was on Oprah, and she was up there crying and clapping like he could sing- I turned off the t.v.... and what was that Justin Guirini (sp?) about! Oh Lord!

    Speaking on Oprah. Okay, forget Oprah.... just goes to show you negroes can have what they need to make change...and not do it.

    I know what I think and know...What about you?

    It seems that White people can and always have been able to be marginal in every aspect of life--- don't have to know or work very hard for anything...and yet, We are the ones who have to sue to get opportunities... and still We are not actively tapping into Our talents and Using them for Us.