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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    No more can the special and unique Black Divine Being Travel beyond the Time of Illusion and look to See what reside in Divine Real Time, because it require a special mental originality to pull up an imagination that become as the Divine Mind reveal what is Divinely True and Real to your black Divine Life, Vision, Dreams, and Ideals, which all is a part of the activity of the Mind, Divine when such Thoughts allow you to see what is Divinely True and Real and Profane when such a Mind distort that which is Real and True, Profanely so.

    If you no longer are qualified to See beyond that which you are Looking at, then you will not be permitted to See that which I will share with you about our Black Selves and the Harm come not to the Reveler but is upon the one that can not See what you use to be able to See, and know all that you need to understand about the Black Wombgender- Staffgender Relationship, when they were in One united Revolving Motion, in the Circle of their Divinity, the Circle that receive only Divine Oneness within Its Infinite Space, inside though there be Two To be One and the One Represent the Divine Union of the Two Genders, they that now Revolve outside of that Infinite Divine Circle of Oneness.

    In the Distant Space Of Real Time of Then and Now, the Time where Boundaries did not exist and the Divine Mind introduced Its Divine Reality, a Reality that entail Action that was always in Compliment and not Conflict, where the Freedom of Oneness expressed Its Presence, Absent of the Trinity of Evil, they being Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, they all wrapped up in the Spirit of Malice, such a Spirit was not Present in the Divine Circle where the Black goddess and gods resided, they being the attribute, the Spirit of the GOD, The Divine Essence, the goddess and god being in possession of the secret Mysteries of being and not being, of Life and Divine Existence, of the Principles of Opposites and of the Infinite action of Coming and Going, and the Wombgender and Staffgender Divine Relationship, the goddess and gods of the Anthropomorphous Universe, the World where Life Reside, once in Divine Real Time and now in Profane Time of Illusion, no longer are we qualified to know the difference that happen in such Time.

    Because of the Lost of our Divinity, profanity become our Guide and under such guidance, what once was ONE, have become Two and the Spirit that emerge from such a separation is that of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil in Time of Profane Spirit, ( attitudinal behavior ) each expression representing the Spirit of an action that did cause the dissolved Oneness, to become the Two that Rose to become enmity toward each other and from such did a Profane spirit caused the Fall of a once Divine Black Nation and that Fall is what now cause the Black Nation to suffer the consequence from that action that separated the Oneness of the Wombgender and Staffgender, causing a Oneness of Relationship to become Two from that Profane action to cause the Division of the Black Wombgender and Staffgender.

    It is the Wombgender of the Divine Black Nation, she that serve to be the way of the rise of the Black Nation again, back into the Circle of our Divinity, because Unity of the Black Nation can not be without the Maternal God'ness Divine Essence, of which the Black Wombgender Personify on the Physical Universe Earthly Realm.

    The Black world will remain Divided, meaning the Wombgender and Staffgender remaining to be representative of the broken Divine Circle of Divine Union of the Two Genders.

    Yes, it is the Wombgender only, that is qualified to bring Unity between the goddess and god, they that have gone profane and Human, but there is the Maternal Divine Essence of which the Black Wombgender possess, causing Her to be the most profound of the Two Genders, meaning she carry the Divine Code that Qualify her to be the Wisest and most powerful of the two Genders that once was One and now have been made to be Two and separate, the Relationship that did cause the Fall of the Black Nation and now only the Wombgender is qualified to put the Black Nation back together again.

    Now I know there are the so call Profane Masculine Black Gender out there who do not approve of this Divine Information which I am sharing about the Two Genders, they who use to be as One, she who has lost her Strength because of following a Profane Religious doctrine that takes her strength and power away from her, as she attempt to compete with the Masculine gender in expressing a Profane Spirit that is not of her Divine Making, just to satisfy a Profane Feminine Ego, in an attempt to express and defend Honor where Honor does not reside, which is in the Profane Life expression of the Trinity of Evil which is in charge of Life on the Profane Level, a Level that the Divine Black goddess must ascend out from, that is if the Divine Black Nation is to ever Rise again.

    It is not of the Divine Nature of the Black Wombgender to compete with that which she has produced and she must be at all Time in the Know, with Understanding of Whom the Black Wombgender is to be again, she being the goddess of the Universe, full of forgiveness, knowledge and Understanding, and to not act out of her Divine Circle again,such a Spirit will be the Mental Power that will put into motion for the Rise of the Black Nation again.

    The Power of the two Genders reside with the Wombgender and for the Staffgender to disrespect such Divinity, is an indication that the Staffgender has lost all knowledge and Understanding of the cause of the Black Nation fall and such ignorance does not manifest respect for Self, so how can there be respect for the One that cause the the Two to be United in the Divine Circle of Oneness, the shield that protect the Unity of the Two Genders, forbidding to ever Fall again, to become Two and Separate, a relationship that secure the Black Life suffering on this Planet.

    To use Religion as a guide to believe about Gender Relationship between the Opposite Genders, is liken to trying to have a Lemon to teach you about the sweetness of an Orange, the two fruits serve a different purpose, so it is with Religion and Divine Spirituality, and it is Divine Spirituality that serve as the root of the Divine Wombgender, Her divine Mind which is to be her Guide, she who has been made to go astray and now there is enmity between the Two Genders that once was One.

    Wombgender, you it is that has the power of your Divinity, so use it to raise your dying Black Nation, the Nation that is attached to your Divine Maternal Root.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]
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    I like the read because in it is a puzzle or maze if I will. Here we go..........

    I will read several more times before even doing researh on you and what you are talking about....then I will respond indepth.

    "the seerker and the soth are both weak"...Holy Quran
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    ...... to be or not to be... that is the question?

    to choose the trinity of evil or ur right... hand that is.....

    she left.... because that choice over she hurts deep .... ??

    the need for the retreat is eminent indeed......

    I truly understand these things.... but now that I do the fire inside burns to change it..............

    as we (sisters) specifically are divided .... we fight over ya'll the most...

    I see the difficult task of what we must do........ now, u won't get no excuses from me... not into em...

    but will the retreat give us the strength that we need to get back what is ours?