Black Spirituality Religion : "They Don't Sing In Captivity."

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    This is an idea to explore. And perhaps this idea is a truth left unexplored. We often speak about Africans as slaves, both mental and physical. We've recited the history. We've read the books. We've gotten the memos.

    But what if African people are as free as Humans can get?
    What am I saying here?

    What if the "Devil's" greatest trick is convincing us that we are in bondage, have been in bondage and aren't free because of powers much greater than ourselves?

    The truth instead is that- we are deceived into believing that steel confines us - bullets stop us and White Supremacy prevents us.

    Now we've heard the moral behind Angelou's poem "I know why the caged bird sings" it is said that the caged bird is singing for it's freedom. Some have even suggested that a caged bird sings because it's heart is free. Now, Angelou's poem is not an original. Paul Laurence Dunbar was the first to mention the logic behind "the caged bird" in his poem titled "Sympathy." Both poems however convey the same ideology, that racism is a prison for the Black soul.

    The truth however is that caged birds aren't singing, they are talking- perhaps even complaining about their situation. They are calling out for others like them to free them from their cage. To us their speech is a song.

    It's true that most animals don't "sing" in captivity. There is no song or melody composed for celebration. Whales for example, use their songs to communicate to each other, and Whales definitely do not sing in captivity.
    A sure measuring stick for the wellness in mammals is their ability to sing or communicate to others.

    We come from a pleasure society of singing, dancing, creating and communicating with nature and the spirit world. It's certain that life in America has made many of us literally sick, both physically and mentality. But is the Soul still free?

    For most Black and African people in the world, "true freedom" seems almost unlikely and impossible. We feel shackled down still by systems that drain us of our life force, systems that corrupt our cultural standards and traditions. But don't these same systems depend on us believing in them? Giving out our energy of God or Goddessness?

    If we are truly in captivity, why are we still singing? Meaning why are we still producing such talent and beauty, such genius and intelligence. A artist cannot create if his/her hands are tied. It is obvious our souls aren't as chained down as we believe.

    Perhaps the answer to the great mystery is that we are more than we appear to be. Stronger than Human words can define. The highest level of spirit that can exist in the flesh.