Black People : They Can't Read Your Mind?

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    Everyone seems to think the world will finally reach it's brink when they start putting chips in people. 666. The Mark of the beast. By now we've all heard the conspiracy theory. There are some valid points made in that regard. 666 is obviously the mark of the beast- which in Hebrew is "Behemoth" a very large almost indestructible creature. 666 is also "Time" itself, in numerology the system of time breaks down to be 24 hours in a day/2+4=6. 60 Minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. IE. 666. The mark of time or the mark of the behemoth which is time is encoded within the structure of reality itself. It wouldn't matter how many 666 codes one finds within this matrix, there is none bigger than the Behemoth of time- unless it's the Creator of it. The Mind.

    Ironically however. "Time" Warner Inc- is in fact a Behemoth- one of the world's largest media and entertainment conglomerates. Time Warner Inc runs and controls - AOL, New Line Cinema, Time Inc., Time Warner Cable, HBO, Turner Broadcasting System, The CW Television Network,, UBU Productions, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Kids' WB, The CW4Kids, Cartoon Network, CNN, and DC Comics. Time Warner also owns shares in different networks and companies, controls film, television, publishing, Internet service and telecommunications.

    Google/YouTube happens to be one of the shareholders in Time Warner Inc.
    The Myspaces and Facebooks all fall under the control of these media "Behemoths."

    Now. If you are waiting around for "them" to find a way to put a chip in you, perhaps such plans are on the way. Still. The point for such a plan is control, knowing what people are doing and especially thinking. This is already the case with the internet, Cell phones and "Eye"-phones. This is already the case the Google, Yahoo and all the major Internet Service Providers. They all spy on their customers, by law they can because we have to access their "equipment" and territory in order to get online.

    Of course to say these companies can actually read our minds is a far stretch. It's close enough. Emails, text messages, search engine searches, cell phone conversations, uploads and downloads? Technology has enabled them to be able to record and monitor all digital activity without a glitch. How big are Youtube's servers? It's not impossible.

    As the world becomes even more interesting by the minute, these are things we need to consider. We are handing over too much of our minds to technology- says the Brotha typing in an internet forum. When the Government "buys out" control of the Banks, or works a deal with the Banks- people will go to prison for not paying their mortgage. Prison time for digital piracy will be common. And the information companies like Google and Yahoo gather under the heading of an IP address will be used against us in a court of law.

    Many of us are becoming Cyborgs, attached to our computers, laptops, cellphones and ipods and iphones. Not realizing that this is being done on purpose, because these devices can be used to track our patterns, and thus used to design systems that seek to control us further.

    The best solution is moderation and "the art of deception."

    Side note. Time does not have to be measured 666. The saying "there is not enough hours in a day" is true, that is the spirit of the Creator whispering the truth to us. Hours or Horus is not static, it fluctuates depending on seasons.
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