Black People : They All Have No Love, Democrat And Republican Nor Respect For Your Black Behind, White, Jew, Gentile!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2019
They All Have no Love, Democrat And Republicans Nor Respect For Your Black Behind, Democrats And Republicans, White, Jew, And Gentile!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

That Which Black Afrikans Value, Carry No Value In The Mind Of That White Racist Luciferian Human Being!!!

So, here your Black behind is still trying to attract the attention of a proven Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being, ignoring the effect of the oppression they cause to your Living ways and condition caused by the evil being acted out against Black Afrikan people.

That Devilish Luciferian Human Being has succeeded in having Black Afrikans to become unconditional forgiving of the way that Racist behaved in the past and is behaving in the present against Black Afrikan people, white people have become Black Afrikans Opioid Drug of dependency, and Black Afrikans have no want to kick that habit that has Black Afrikans depended to being in total submission to that evil white Luciferian Human Being.

Listen Up! Black Folks in America not by choice, every one of those presidential candidates running to become the next President of this Lying deceiving society living in America, they give less than a **** about your Black no thinking behind, now intoxicated on the Demon Belief they have conditioned the Mind you now have that is guiding your Black behind, shaped and educated by that Racist Luciferian Human Being.

That white Demon has succeeded in having you to pick and choose among white folks to believe and trust in as if white folks have done something for your Black behind that measure up to a Greater Good-Godly performance that benefit and show Divine Respect for our Black behind!!!

Not so beloved, when it comes for those devilish satanic Candidates running to become the next president over your Black behind in the America United States, they all have no Divine Respect for your Black behind, they have you hating on Trump as if Trump is different from them in disrespecting your Black behind, Live with it beloved and that it is, the Divine Truth that verifies that all white folks regardless of political party they identify with, they all are united against your Black behind when it comes to you being deserving of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, the Three major version of the Greater Good-God Black Afrikans deserve to be able to enjoy while living Life in the physical but we do not because Racism is what is in demand to be acted out against your Black Afrikan behind, beloved.

Remember I have shared with you that I do not classify nor categorize Evil and Americans are under the guidance of Evil toward Black Afrikan people!!

Because it is down low evil for anybody to prevent the Living of Life to be exposed to Freedom, Justice, and Independence, which Black Afrikans in America not by choice is exposed to today as has been yesterday and the day before, point is that in the America United States there is no concern coming with respect from the mind of Racism and Unjust Prejudice for Black Afrikans, such happen to be the spirit of that Luciferian Human Being running for president in America!!!

So, your problem is not in isolation against Trump, our problem is white oligarchy Racism and unjust prejudice in America against Black Afrikans in America not by choice!!!

Because, if you would ask each of those Devils running for president in America where do they stand on the Black Divine Issue of Reparation/Repatriation which means Freedom for Black Afrikans to be in Afrika being Governed by our own Afrikan Afrika Government, having control over our own Continental Military being up to date in the technological advancement, with a producing Agricultural strong economy being with our own Theological awareness about knowing what God is, you will know that they all opposed such a quality of Divine Freedom for your Black behind in Afrika to be enjoyed to experience, beloved.

So, what do your Black behind do, we allow our Black behind to become divide picking and choosing over white folks who have made it no secret to be against showing respect to our Enslaved Ancestors, a condition they lived with that was created and implemented by that Racist Devil we now follow without question nor with condemnation because the Mind we Black folks have guided us today is the Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, the enemy of the Black Afrikan Divided Nation today.

Your Enemy is all who oppose you receiving your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation beloved, including you who refuse to rise up to fight to demand our Freedom, Justice, and Independence to be in Afrika, which is what Reparation/Repatriation represents to our Enslaved Ancestors and to you their Descendants, is that so difficult for Black Folks to Innerstand???

There, Black Folks, are our problem, not Trump alone!!!

Divine Respect


Well-Known Member
Jan 27, 2020
Very interesting, imagine the Mayor finishing second yesterday in New Hampshire has never really reached out to Black people but very soon the promises will start to happen....

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