Black Poetry : Thewhiteman's negro(inspired by sean)

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    FREESTYLE FEST.........

    the white man's negro
    i feel you bro
    cuz i see them all the time
    the black man that's here for show
    and will never speak his mind

    givin mista chalie all he needs
    livin like a sista just cuz he wants
    some cheese
    some paper
    that dough
    but nikka please
    don't you know
    you are a raper
    of all our beautiful flows

    see we need you in our part of town
    but you to busy having your nose browned
    tryin to put us down
    cuz you wanna be down
    with the white man who just has you around
    cuz he has to make his quota
    and he doesn't want them to take his boat
    and he needs someone to hold his coat

    so don't think you're makin waves
    cuz that money still makin you a slave
    and even tho you can't take it to the grave
    you still hopin they mistake you for the wrong shade

    well i got news for you
    you are not a jew
    but you don't have a clue
    and you are a fool
    cuz you think being white *** black man
    is what you are a supposed to do

    so wake up you fake cracker
    and realize you can be blacker
    and because you got a little cash
    does not mean the you can pass
    to them you are still funny
    and you are just a ****** with money
    but we need role models for our kids
    so they can grow up to be positive

    if you gave back you would be a hero
    but for now you are still
    the white man's negro
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    a lot of so-called "Brutha's" share that frame of mind
    that if they put in the work, blood, sweat, tears and time
    that the white man will recognize his significant paid for retrobution...not acknowledging
    the real solution...

    no matter what you put forth
    lay down or give up
    to them a black man's still inferior
    but u still cling to hope that it'll
    change if you cop that S500 benz
    with woodgrain and leather interior

    only 20 but already learned
    that i will always be black
    native american
    puerto rican ancestry
    to white eyes
    don't mean ****

    all that i do...i do because i can
    and so desire
    not because on the color scale
    it'll make me a few shades lighter
    i smash the CLK...yes
    rock ice, GUCCI and D&G
    doing high-class things
    with my high-class ends
    but still being me

    sight is never forsaken
    'cause blackness ain't for sale
    bought, sold, or taken
    when i elevate to the next level
    i take my peeps with me
    cause no matter what u do
    they'll never include black's
    in american history...