Black Spirituality Religion : "There will never be a Black American President." Guess who said that...


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Aug 9, 2003
I really do not know what you are talking about anymore.

I can make a good guess about your opinions

To get back to the thread..... I know and believe there will be another Black President...that represents the entire Obama.


I think the biggest difference will be in a different party.

maybe so

maybe no

Black people are more conservative than liberal.

maybe not many who post here


We are just not crazy conservatives.

your challenges

not mine

The democratic agenda has become an agenda for LGBTQI and Hispanic/Latino issues ( even though many of them are conservative too).

bad call

Yes, I have never met a pure white or pure Black person. PEOPLE GENETICALLY DO NOT REPRESENT ONE RACE, WE USE RACE IN POLITICAL TERMS. BUT, SOME PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT DIFFERENCE. This is one of the reasons they sometimes have on check your race...not of Hispanic origins.

the sun shines

What we will never have again is an OPEN RACIST PURE WHITE MAN....that just doesn't exist. There are a lot of racist white men, but they are not pure white...because that does not exist. Plus, White people (white men)...whatever that is ACTUALLY the minority in this country already.

off topic

My husband is a White Man, he does not care if he is pure white or not...which he is not.

off topic too

oh so revealing

to be pro black doesn't make us anti white

Remember, when Hillary thought she was going to be the first minority president. If she does not grow a SERIOUS BACKBONE SHE WILL NOT GET MY VOTE.


Now, if Ben Carson gets the Republican Nomination, he will get my vote and be another Black President.

oh my

oh pulease


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