Chief Elder Osiris : There Must Never Be A Compromise With Religion

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    There Must Never Be A Compromise With Religion

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, in term of which action wear the Crown to be the potentate of Evil in the Black World, it is Religion, a proven evil in the mind of Black so call Afrikans.

    Yes, Religion has caused Black so call Afrikans, not only to be ignorant of self, religion has caused Black so call Afrikans to become an Evil unto the Self of the Black so call Afrikan Being, a Being once Divine and now Vainly Evilly human, a Being without discipline enough to listen and follow the instruction of the intuitive self, the godly representative of the Soul of the Body of all phenotype, having such a body to be with a mind been made to be evil, lying, and deceiving, a mind of acquisition and not hereditary, the mind that manifest a Spirit that is associated with the concept of Religion, the brain child of Lucifer the Human Being.

    The hold religion has in the mind of Black so call Afrikans, have Black People to go mad with ignorance and evil, yet Religion seem to have such a powerful gravitational pull on the mind of Black people, creating such a ignorant magnetic field around the mind process of belief until religion have Black people in a defense mode protecting all of those religious lies and claims that deceive.

    Religion does cause such metaphorical allegation about the Divine Essence and the Body mind relationship to that Infinite Divine Essence to be distracting believed, until such a mental display serve to verify why it is that Black People are all in linear motion in a caste that keep Black people stuck in the Mental sea of self ignorance.

    Religion is a mental disease that prevent Black people from knowing what the Divine Essence (GOD) is, and from knowing to what depth does religion extend in the action of misrepresenting the Divine Nature of God and the Soul that provide Life to the Body, a Life meant to be created by the Divine Mind made to be active in the Body that be of the Elemental forces, caused by the presence of the Divine Essence.

    It is the made to be a fool who attempt to justify religion or take no mental stand against a weapon being used to crucify the Divine Mind of the Black so call Afrikan, and in so doing, it cause the deranged Black Afrikan to believe that God is being served, as "He" want to be, the God of Religion that is so well religiously believed of by Black so call Afrikans.

    Here we Black people are, we Black people being the verified victims of Religion, the Religion that have Black People not desiring to know who we are, but has Black people wanting to believe what we do not know of ourselves, as religion teach us to take no thought for our Black so call Afrikan selves, and just continue to want to suffer in order to be called the religious children of a religious Human Being Created God, expecting if we remain religious ignorant about ourselves, we will receive a religious everlasting life, and you tell me that we Black people are not a people with a high grade of Mental illness?

    Religion has made Black people so mental incapable until we no longer know the difference between Religion and our Divine Spirituality, the former is a distorted perceived creation of a vain selfish religious god, set upon a mental foundation of belief about things the mind is not certain of, nor is required to Think of, while the latter is a verified revealed expression of an attitudinal behavior that express Harmony, Order, and Balance, when using the Mental action of Profound Reasoning, being Rational in the use of the Mind, and being self assured that the mind thoughts expressed, is well balance with thoughts conceived concerning the fact of the matter being mentally examined , which require you to be mentally certain of and unassuming practical, when reaching the conclusion to the matter that required such a Divine mental approach, which automatically eliminate the use of belief, when in search of the Divine Truth of a matter and not the deceiving religious truth.

    A Divine mind is what keep the spirit well calibrated and precisely determined when in action to reveal and verify that which is Divinely True and Real, and on such a Divine Spiritual Mental dimension, Religion does not reside, because only Knowledge and Understanding, which follow the energy flow that is constantly in Harmony, Order, and Balance of thought reside, when dealing with that which require only Profound Reasoning, being Divinely Rational, and being mental qualified to remain balance in the process of Thinking about the Matter under examination.

    So when dealing with Divine Spirituality you are dealing with precision Thinking, but when dealing with Religion, belief is your foundation and uncertainty is the companion of lying and deceiving, about that you believe in and do not know about.

    So it is totally disrespectful to make claim that our Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors were the author and finisher of Religion, a belief system now with a history of lying, deceiving, and abusing the Divine Mind action of a once Divine Black Being, who once knew what God Is..

    Religion is the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, it invoke fear in the mind of its believer, it make promises to its believers which is what is call good and Bad, but when in Divine spirituality there is no promises made and there is no Good and Bad, all Life that is Divine is life that Think and act in such a Mind action that is based upon action that is acceptable to the Divine Nature of your Body and the Life you create for it.

    Religion, your Mental action is acted out to be unacceptable to the nature of your Divine Body, so the life you create from such an unacceptable Mind, is the life of your religious belief, yet you strive to protect such a fallible belief system, supported up by a Human Being creation call religion, the weapon now in use destroying the Mind Divinity of the Black so call Afrikan World, today.

    Therefore, there must never be a compromise with Religion, there must never be a cease and desist from revealing the evil of Religion toward the Divine Mind of Black People, a people once was Divine Beings in thought and Spirit, and religion, it is not indigenous to the Mind of Black Divine Beings.

    So, only in the Mind of the Black Afrikan Human Being does religion find a hiding place in the Mind of Black People, such include all of those Black People who are weak of Mind and make claim to be neutral in the fight going on to reveal the Devil Religion as it should be revealed and when revealing evil, Divinity rise to take its infinite place in the mind of the Divine Black Being and Freedom and Joy will return to the lives of the Black Divine Being.

    The Divine Beings, our cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, that had no earthly affiliation to earthly fraternities, such is the profanity and lies mixed with deception as so created by Lucifer himself after attempting to mock after something that they did not know and understand.

    The code of secrecy lies within the genetic Helix of your Divine Body Cellular Structure, and the Divine knowledge brought to this planet was the knowledge well known by Divine Beings among our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors and such knowledge about the Divine Essence, about both Universe and of Self of the Divine Being, had no religious residue at all.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, they had residue of Divine Spiritual Perfection which qualified our Ancient First Way Ancestors to be the master of physic and Angles, (numbers) and of the Divine use of the Mental compass and square, which qualified them to be the architect and builders of the Greatest Civilization to dawn this Planet and by their Divine presence, denoted their Freedom in the usage of the Universal Divine Knowledge of Elemental construction, all having to do with their Divine Spirituality and nothing to do with Lucifer fraternal Religion.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    When You Do Not Know, You Seek To Believe Anything.-Osiris

    To Know Is Wise, Not To Know, Verify The Presence Of Ignorance.- Osiris

    To make claim to believe that you do not know, is to verify that which you believe is not worth knowing, and it is religion that have you believing today. - Osiris

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Peace Elder,

    Why even bother with religion? Why not kill it dead?
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    Because religion existed in our lands prior to whites perverting it...

    Traditional belief (Odinani, Zulu, Ifa, Khoisan, Masai etc) is counted as religion, Brother. Even Candomble and New Voodou should be counted.


    - Ikoro