Chief Elder Osiris : There Must Be A Resurgence Of Afrikan Divine spirituality

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    There Must Be A Resurgence Of Afrikan Divine spirituality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    I am only interested in the solution to the Black life problem and not temporary treatment of the problem that cripple the mind of Black people.

    So what you act against in America is a reflection of where your mind is, in regard to those things you are being active against.

    So, if your action is against segregation, discrimination in job hiring , education, public accommodation, and politics in America, then there is where your mind interest reside.

    So, today most so call Black leaders, past and present, are no more than Black American Assimilation hunters, they representing the type of leadership white folks have given to Black people, and has supported to be representative of Black Americans.

    So, the fact that five Hundred years of oppression in America is acquainted with Black people in America, it prove what quality of Black leadership operate with the oppressor mind spirit, acted out by Black people leadership and community activists, who dream of America being the paradise for Black people.

    So, if you are a community activist whose target is the principles that are listed above, having a dream or is awake, being actively in pursuit of those principles, such action serve to verify that America is the target goal for such dreaming and activity, with hope to obtain approval from America, based upon our want to be accepted as Americans equal in America, those Black leaders teaching Black people to have no thought for Afrika, nor for Black people Liberation, which will only take place in Afrika.

    So, if America is your primary interest of objective, and target goal to achieve treatment from the injustice Black people are exposed to in America, and you seek not a solution to such Racist injustice, then you Black folks should just say so, and stop making claim as if you are interested in a solution to the evil that Black people suffer from in America.

    Because, not to do so, make you to be no more than a Black dreaming community activist hypocrite, pretending to be concerned bout the state of condition of Black people in America, young, aged, and all in between, while striving to keep Black people held captive in America, when in fact there is no interest in obtaining freedom of liberation for Black people away from America, by those who consider themselves to be the preserver of the dream concerning America and Black people.

    Beloved, you can not fake freedom, either your desire is to be free from America evil or it is not, trying to down grade our condition in America and in the world and make it be acceptable to Black people who Divinely Think, is like trying to downgrade the shuttle to the level of a piper glider, getting people to believe that there is no considerable difference between the two.

    You Black flaming Assimilation activist dreaming hypocrites, you do not give one **** about Afrika and the condition of the mind of Black Afrikan people, a profane mind it is that have us acting a fool when in an attempt to show America how much we want to be a part of its melting pot society.

    Black people in Afrika and in America, is where the resurgent of the Black Spirituality in Divine fashion is to take place, but it take a Divine Mind to know that, and the Black Afrikan Divine spirituality will be the verification that Afrika is for the Afrkan and the Black Afrikan has the need to become reunited and free again.

    So, based upon the activity of the Black leaders and community activist in America, Freedom of Liberation is not an objective, nor a goal to be reached, nor is it pursued in America by the low caliber of Black leadership and community activists who are crazy in love with our oppressors.

    Beloved, in this day and uncertainty of Time, in term of knowing what this present Time is to bring to this Earth.

    Black people must come to know that in this Time, there is required of us to resume an action of Divine mind, and return to our first stage of life, which is our Divine Spirituality, and to settle for nothing less.

    The people living on this earth is in for a very serious and devastated experience, and my sharing of this is not to be taken as a prediction by me, Time come in and of its action of movement, which verifies such occasions to come, that is the order in which all things of a physical nature function, but you see, I am not occupied with prediction regarding Time and events, predicted by others locked in the mental action of religion, making claim to be able to look into the so call future and know what is to happen before it happen, making claim that certain catastrophe happening is to take place on this Earth at a predicted Time.

    What I do know, concerning Time, which need no prediction to come from me, is that, Black Afrikan people must cease and desist from taking a lower level of life involvement on this earth, and must stop submitting to be followers, when the dynamic of life is involved in expressing a relationship with the supreme deity, a relationship we had when arrived upon this planet, causing us to be on the highest of DIVINE LEVEL OF LIFE ROTATIONAL REVOLVING.

    Today Black people have been made to take instruction from others on this planet earth, in term of how one must perform in life, in order to "please", and I quote,"GOD".

    What I am to share with you Black people, few or many who might read this which I have been given to share with Black people first, and the world, that is if the world in general, choose to receive and acknowledge this Divine Truth.

    The world is depended on the way Black people receive, acknowledge, and respond to this Divine call that is coming from a source that cause Divine revelation, only on a Divine scale of beyond Life performance.

    Beloved, there is something very strange and drastic that is to happen in the soon Time to come, and such a happening will take place because of the lack of Spiritual rectification needed to take place in the lives of Black people.

    Now, I know how successful Lucifer has been in redefining the method of the use of the mind, which give cause for the way Black people use the Black Mind today, which have us acting the way we now act, as I have shared to at the beginning of this post.

    Therefore, because of the need for such reconfiguring of the use of the Black Afrikan Mind, the life living of Black people are not of the order it was when first came to this planet, but our Mind must be in the order that it was when we arrived to this planet, in order to be qualified to interact with the Time that is now.

    It is that Divine Mind that will qualify Black people to be able to receive a very intense action and interaction from and with nature, on this earth planet and in the universe.

    You Black people came to this planet as Divine Beings, expressing a Divine spirit and you have the mental capacity to know the mysteries of all that involve life action and required life interaction with the universe.

    Now here we are, no longer first but is last in the world, embracing a institution call religion, while we have abandon our Divine Spirituality, and at the moment of that abandonment, the lost of our Divine mind occurred, which made us to be lacking in having the ability to display our Divine spirit, a spirituality we need if Black people are to transform back to being the anthropomorphous force we have been designed to be, which are Divine beings with a universal knowledge that had us in Harmony, Order, And Balance with our intuitive self.

    Black people must forsake all form and aspect of religion, because that is what is keeping Black people weak and powerless.

    Divine Knowledge is like a fuel that keep the planets in their orbit around the Sun, and Black people today, no longer has a Divine ecclesiastical institution to call our own, that will generate the quality of knowledge that will give us the energy to reclaim Afrika, and cause a united Black Nation, even though Divine Information has been introduced to you, you ignore the challenge it bring to you.

    Black people have now been informed about the First way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism, the order that is of a foundation that require for you to engage in Divine Meditation as a needed mental action that will put you into the Divine Dimension where Divine information is forever flowing to the action of your intuitive self, the self that is the Divine attribute of the Soul, the Soul being the verifier of the Divine Energy Essence, it being the Eternal Everlasting infinite Intelligence without need to be worship.

    The First Way Institute Of Afrkan Mysticism is the order that rest upon the foundation of Divine Meditation, and the Mind is its focal point to transcend and extend beyond its action, in order to connect with the intuitive self that make manifest the Divine spirituality that is revealed by the action of your Divine mind, which receive Divine information from the action of your intuitive self.

    Religion has been proved to be, that it is not for Black Afrikan people, if freedom and experience of Divine spirituality is your goal, an attitude and behavior that put your life in harmony, Order, and balance with the inner working of the Black body life, you seeking all that life need to be intelligent in the know of what the Divine essence is to the universe, and what the living of life is, in a state of freedom.

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]