Black People : There is so much wrong.. I just want it addressed

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    Experts consider antidepressant warnings
    Tuesday, September 14, 2004 Posted: 10:15 AM EDT (1415 GMT)

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Independent experts came to the same conclusion as Food and Drug Administration scientists: There is a definite link between antidepressants and the worsening suicidal fixations of children taking the drugs.

    Under legislation passed in 1997, pharmaceutical companies had agreed to do more clinical trials involving children in exchange for six months of exclusive marketing of their drugs. That legislation boosted drug company profits.


    This is a clear case of treating the symptom, and not solving the problem.

    As many adults are depressed as children. The problem I see is there is to much unresolved strife. Our children see this and can't cope with conflict. We must save the children.

    A loved one is killed, and you don't see justice served. That is a great source of strife.

    Someone damages your property or even getting discriminated against in a work related issue. That is stresful as well.

    The root is not having a system not working properly that is in place. Imagine a law suit you want to file. But all your attempts to obtain a lawyer are in vain. You see your chance of addressing the issue is fruitless. So you have to swallow another bitter pill. While clearly you are trying to take the legal mechanism supposely at everyone's disposal. Well that process isn't functioning correctly!

    I believe Depression would drop drastically if things were changed and more people start representing themselves. PRO-SE

    All we need is access to the courts and a real avenue of problem solving.

    Legal Help & Legal Advice Questions & Answers on Legal Issues

    Legal Help & Legal Advice - Law Forum Ask Legal Questions

    I have read many cases of folks loosing homes to foreclosure because banks practice unfair lending and credit collection procedures. I have represented myself in several cases. It isn't easy and I'll tell you now. Folks seem to violate my rights on a constant basis. So if it's a fight they want! :deal:

    I take it to them. It's not easy work, but over the years I have studied hard. I know how to work a law library better than most attorney's.

    It only hurts and makes a difference when you hit someone in the pockets.

    I believe there would be less crime in the community if individuals knew they could take someone to court and that the legal hurdles and legal language, and time to prepare and file would be relaxed to allow them to represent their case.

    You can get a lawyer if you can't afford one. It's all outlined.

    The Lady Is Blindfolded!

    By: Carl R. Frederick, APSA President

    Courts have no investigators and do not even pretend to know the real or full facts, but obviously the public generally interprets the scale as representing "fair" weighing of all the facts. That is NOT what the justice scale symbol really represents -- rather, it is meant to convey that it ONLY weighs those elements that make it on to the scale


    Is it ever truly sensible to appear in court without a lawyer?

    " When it comes to small claims court, which is designed to be accessible to nonlawyers -- yes, of course. But sometimes it's also a good idea to represent yourself in a more formal court proceeding. Hiring a lawyer is almost always unaffordable for disputes that involve less than $25,000 and often unaffordable for disputes in the $50,000-$100,000 range. In these cases, representing yourself may be your only reasonable option. "

    When my case finally makes it to the courtroom, I'm afraid I won't know what to say, when to say it or even where to stand. How can I learn what to do?

    " It's not hard to learn how to conduct yourself in court. This is especially true if your trial is before a judge without a jury, because many judges make an effort to simplify jargon and procedure. And there are several practical steps you can take to learn the ropes: "

    You've said a lot about trials before judges. Don't I have a right to have my civil case heard by a jury?

    " For some types of cases, such as those involving child support or custody, or a request for an injunction (to stop the city from cutting down a tree, for example), you are not entitled to a jury. And in some courts, the parties in all small civil cases must first try mediation before initiating any type of trial. But in most civil cases, including those involving personal injury, breach of contract, professional malpractice, libel or slander, you are entitled to a jury trial if you want one. "
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    Hodee, this is a great post!

    More people need to know that they are not helpless or ineffectual in fighting for themselves and in seeking ways to heal.