Black Spirituality Religion : There is punishment for people who try to "lighten" the Black Nation.

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    Taken from Black Roots Science...

    The world is Black by nature, and will remain so forever. Any Black person who, after being exposed to the facts, continues to try and "lighten" our people is sinning against God, or the Black Nation. 73. Nature has zero tolerance for stupidity. The consequence of such foolishness is extinction, or as said long ago, the wages of sin is death. 74. On our part, we could do these brothers and sisters a big favor by exposing the truth as much as we can. Most of them are ignorant and only need to have their sense of pride built back up; pride in themselves and ancestors. If they consciously reject the truth, then they'll end up alongside the white race in the bottomless pit of hell called extinction, where there is no coming back.
    Their biological lineage will simply die out. 75

    Nature has been reducing the sperm count of white men now for the last 100 years. The rate of reduction has increased over the past few years, and will continue to increase until they can no longer procreate. That's why those who know are studying cloning. 71. On the female side the fertility of white women is decreasing at a rapid rate. They have to use more and more drugs to conceive. This is true also for light-skinned Black men and women.