Chief Elder Osiris : There Is Only One Pathway That Lead Through The Door Of Divine Truth!!!

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
There Is Only One Pathway That Lead Through The Door Of Divine Truth!!!

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

When you are not serious about Black people being exposed to the divine truth, then such a high quality of truth is not well received by those who are in need of learning about their divine spirituality.

The Divine mind let you know that there is only one divine truth and only one way to get to it, which is by the use of your divine mind, the pathway that lead you to know what is divinely true and is a profane lie.

Let me begin by making this as plain as can be made to Thinking people.

When labeling someone spiritual display (attitudinal behavior) as being foolish, it is not to imply to mean that the one doing the labeling regard her/him self to be more in possession of material things than the person being label foolish.

To be foolish, it require for you to be acting and behaving outside of the spirit that verify Harmony, Order, And Balance, displayed by the way you conduct your life, which will show you having complete disrespect for your Life, and for all other lives that are now revolving out of Harmony, Order and Balance without Divinely Thinking and Reasoning.

so it is the foolish Mind that has problem with having such a foolish self to be reflected back to that self, the self that is not using Thinking ability to reason in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the use of Divine Thought.

Over the span of time since Black people have been on Earth, so much has transpired that has affected the Mind of Black people, things that concern Life that require the knowledge and Understanding of life.

Therefore, during the course of Time, what has happen to the Mind of Black people, has not been Divinely beneficial to Black people, because what happen to the Mind of Black people, caused an aliment that caused Black people to not be able any more, to Think and reason Divinely.

So, what do you get from Black people today, you get a people who has been systematically Mentally traumatized, to the extent until life meaning and purpose is not within the purview of Black people to be understood.

Black people end up adopting the philosophy about life from their oppressors, they who teach and lead Black people to believe that individual engagement, is much more preferable than Collective dynamics, when in pursuit for a change from believing in lies, to knowing that which is Divinely True.

It is experience that lead to verify the Divine Truth concerning the way the Black life is treated by and in the world today.

Well beloved, let us deal with the past and present life living experiences of Black people upon this planet Earth.

There is a period of your past life living when you Black people knew the value of collective interaction to achieve a common goal that would be beneficial for the greater All, and not for the smaller me.

Therefore, the action that came from the greater All, is why you now have the privilege to make claim to be the first and wisest to appear upon this planet, and have the evidence to substantiate such a claim that is verifiable about you being children of Goddess and Gods from another World, in our so call Milky Way Galaxy.

That beloved, was the period in time when your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors were walking the Land now call Afrika Earth, and since those people were as Goddess and Gods, then everything and every where they walked and touched was in fact verified to be sacred and perfectly Divine.

Therefore, Afrika Land is Sacred Privileged Land, Divine Black Being, you being the keeper of the gateway that serve as the entrance to Afrika the Continent.

So, the reason and purpose of life is to be treated with ultimate respect, and to be lived in complete Harmony, Order, and Balance with Nature, it being the functional action of the Universe, meaning you and all that you are connected too, constitute Nature Universe.

When not on a personal pursuit for fame and glory, you do not do what you do to benefit yourself alone, you do what you do because you have been exposed to knowing the meaning of life.

So, to share information that is not of your doing to cause you to know of that you share, then such information shared is to be for the benefit of the collective all, and in this case the all happen to be black people.

When sharing divine truth, such a high level of Truth has no association with the status of a your truth or my truth, divine truth come through revelation, and not education research.

There is only one pathway that lead through the door way to divine truth, and all who make claim to know the divine truth, when dealing with issues that forbid freedom to be experienced by Black people, then such divine Thinking by others, end up reaching the same conclusion that reveal the solution to the problem that cause Black people to be living a life lacking of freedom.

So, it is the weak of mind and the victims of vain envy, ego, jealousy, those who live a life that have you satisfied with believing that they know what is going on in the lives of, not just their individual life, but with All of Black folks lives, and they who make claim that Divine truth can be founded by traveling many different pathways, they end up appearing to be foolish, when implying that it is more than one pathway that lead through the doorway to the Divine truth.

Beloved, it is a profane mind that make claim to a Truth that require no mental discipline, when seeking and sharing a truth that hang with profane lies, claiming them to be of a creditable truth..

Beloved, Divine truth is not fractional, it does not possess a small amount of lies and still claim to be Divinely True.

There is no partial Divine Truth and partial lies integrated together, Divine truth and Lies do not have the same pathway to travel, one pathway is satisfied to lead to the doorway of lies and deception, covered with the aroma of unpleasant odor, belief, which serve to be proof that believing pathway does not lead to the doorway that allow you to enter in the presence of the Divine Truth, an aroma of knowing, it giving off the scent of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, knowing that such will come to Afrika and black people, through and by the obtaining of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation..

Be Kind To your self, beloved

Chief Elder

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