Chief Elder Osiris : There Is Only One Godly Energy, One Soul, One Mind and Two Spirituality

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    There Is Only One Godly Energy, One Soul, One Mind and Two Spirituality :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When the devil attempt to confuse you, they come to you expressing Humbleness and confessing to be Spiritual Intelligent and it is all for the reason and purpose to misguide and direct the Black World in the way they want you to believe in life, concerning God, Universe and Life Living, because beloved, when all is said and done, the Fight upon this planet is between the Human being and the Divine Being and the Divine Beings are those that come out of the perfect night with the shade of the Perfect night, planted not only in the pigment of your Body Being, but is planted more so within the Mental pigment of your Divine body Being, the Being that consist of the anti-matter, it being the Soul of your Body Being, which interact with the Mind and Body and Spirit of your double Body Being.

    The Black World has been made to become confused about the fact of the Body Matter, so much so, until Black People can no longer distinguish between that which is Divine and that which is Human, not realizing that One Is Not Materially grounded while the other is Materially grounded and it is the Materially Ground Human Being that take pleasure in all things physical, guided by the Sensuality of the Body mind, desiring only to satisfy the body fetters, the Body Matter of fact that is profanely deceiving and is full of lies about that which we refer to as being Spiritual.

    Beloved, there are Two type of Spirituality, just as there are Two Reality, You have Religious Spirituality and you have Divine spirituality and you have Physical Illusion Reality and you have Divine existing Reality, one physical and one Ethereal and when the Two are revolving in the Circle of Divinity, Life and Existence become Alternating Realities, One is for the Body Life and the other is for the Soul-mind body Ethereal Existence.

    The Body Life Reality is a Sense of Mind Spirituality that is for the Body Life which has its Limitations and Ending, but the Divine Soul-Mind body of Existence is Spiritually Eternally Infinite and it is on the Divine Realm of Truth and Reality where the Godly Intelligence reveal all Information that is pertaining to God, Universe, and Life Self, as such Divine Infinite Intelligence, reside within the Perfect Night, out of which is reveal the Physical Universe.

    Having the Divine Mind that reveal Divine Information, which cause the Divine Being to know that there are Two Universe, just as there are Two Spirituality, Two Realities and Two Bodies, one being material and immaterial, which mean in Divine Mental Spirituality, the Universes abide by the Law of Opposites, meaning, the Duality of all things Material and Immaterial is of the Divine Essence of all Things.

    So, there is a Divine Existence of the Divine Essence and there is a Divine Life of a Living physical illusion Reality, yet with there being a Mind of a Mental function, such is capable of functioning within and without the Circle of Divinity, producing a Spirit of attitude and behavior that can be Divine or profane and it is the Profane Mind that created the action of Religious Spiritual attitude and behavior, such being the Mind weapon used to change the perception and concept of the Divine Black World, to cause it to be engulfed in the Evil that flow from a profane Human Being mind, guided by the Human Being created Religious Spirituality, meaning it to serve to be only an Illusion of that which is Divinely Real.

    There is to be no reconciliation with Evil, the devil, Satan, Lucifer, the author and finisher of Religious spirituality, grounded in a doctrine of Lies and acts of deception, having a place only on the physical level of illusion reality, having you to believe and have Faith in that which Is Not, as oppose to that which IS and that Which IS, being that which is Divinely Real and it being the Evidence of the Perfect Night, which Is the Divine Truth and Reality of Eternal Infinity,the inert Essence of All There Is and All There Is Not, on the physical material Level.

    So beloved, Divine spirituality can only be experienced with the Divine Mind interacting with the Divine Soul, on the Divine Reality Dimension where total Divine Ethereal Existence is of an action that can not be define nor Seen, It being the Essence of All Things, It being the Divine Essence of the physical Matter of fact being the Body life.

    There is no Divine God that participate on the Sensual physical illusion level of Life action, The Divine Essence, carry not the Name of of Sensual description or profane physical identification.

    Beloved, on the level of Divine Life Living, there is no your God or My God, such a precept is all pertaining to the profane Tribes of Human Beings, which you identify with and the Religious Spirituality you so claim for your Profane Life living, as you spend all of your Life holding up an act of lying and deceiving, concerning God and a claim of what God command of you.

    Divine Spirituality has nothing to do with Religion or God commandments, it is all about you Living a Divine Life and you protecting your Life, on the physical level of the Divine illusion reality, with It teaching you the process of Living your Life in Harmony, Order, and Balance, giving you the Mental ability to alternate between the Unreal and the Real and Knowing you should have no need to believe, concerning those Realities that Is of the Divine Level of Existence and the Divine Life Living of Illusion Reality, that which be Divinely Mental, with the action which interact between both dimensions, it being a Divine Mental Spiritual action that instantly reveal to you the Existing Level of Dimension that allow you to Mentally experience various happening of all Past Life Action that is a part of your DNA connection, such is the action of Divine Spirituality.

    When You do Not Know, You set Yourself to Believe all That Is Told to you beloved.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise, The Profane Truth, The Human Being Embrace.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder