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    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved Garveyites, the one thing among many, we have learned from the Honorable Marcus Garvey is to not be distracted by meaningless so call Afrikan talk, when it come to the idea and philosophy of Black Nationalism, with Afrika being our primary focus, also what we have learned from the Honorable Marcus Garvey is that our Blackness represent way more than that pigment we wear, because if our Blackness is not of the Mind, then the Pigment Blackness serve to be a sign of deception and we must be watchful of all that claim to be so Black and Afrikan, while the Mind is that of our oppressors, guided by their religion.

    The True Black Nationalist Garveyites are well qualified to see the entire Black pigment scope concerning our Blackness, so when we share glimpse of a plan that relate to the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikans, such a plan is not understood by those so call Afrikans who have no clue about whom Black People are and what our potential happen to be, if we will become one collective Black people again.

    So fret not of those that take pot shots at a Plan designed to Liberate the Black World and take control of the Continent of Afrika again,because most contemporary so call Afrikans clothes in their New Human Being Mind, they are incapable of Seeing the depth required to be seen of all the Black Nationalist Garveyites See, that is a requirement for such to happen, by the Divine Thinking of the Children of the Middle Passage, in order for Unity to come back to the Black World and Afrika back under the authority and control of the Black Afrikans and if such is not a goal of those who claim to be Black and Afrikans, then their belief of what we Black Nationalist Garveyites does not measure up to, warrant not our concern about what they vocally believe about that which we Divinely share with Black People, concerning our present condition in the world and what we need to do in order to bring Freedom of Mind to the Black World.

    Now, if the Black Nationalist Garveyites did not know the cause for the way many so call Black Afrikans react to much of what we share with Black People, concerning Afrika and the state of condition of the Black World and what we know need to happen in order to change the present path Black people and Afrika has been forced to travel, then we would be offended at the doubters that come out to attack and question what they have no clue what they are attacking, because the solution to the problems of Afrika and the Black World can not be intelligently critiqued by the New Black so call Afrikan Human Being Mind, because such Minds do not have the intelligent information that is required to be able to understand the strategy and plans to be used that will cause the Liberation of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan World, which many of us believe is fantasy desires as well.

    Every Divine Black Thinking Nationalist Garveyite know that the cry, Afrika is for the Afrikans, and that the Black World must return to Afrika, and must become a united Nation again, the Divine Thinking Black Nationalist Garveyites know very well that all who have left Afrika, be it voluntarily or at the travel of the Middle passage, will not return back to this earthly Home, in a place designated as a place now referred to as Afrika, the landing place of our First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, because in the process of Afrika returning back under the authority and control of the original people in that Land, and those people becoming one united Black people again, then no, all who claim to be Black and Afrikan, most do not qualify if they are not in Afrika, to return to Afrika and even those who are in Afrika will either have to come back to their Black Divine Mind or would be candidates to leave the Mother Land as well, one way or the other.

    Such is the Divine requirement for Afrika and the Black Afrikans in order for the Black World to reassume its original status in this evil world and beloved, the New Black Human Being Mind, masquerading around as so call Black Afrikans, they are totally not qualified to know and understand that which is Divinely True and that which is to Divinely happen, in order to reclaim the Black Divine Mind, a prerequisite to Afrika and the Black World Liberation.

    So, when the discussion is about what the Children of the Middle Passage must do in order to full fill the prophecy concerning our return, how we are to return, and what is to happen at our return to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, thus causing such a home land to be the home land of our Enslaved Ancestors, then no run away so call Black Afrikan, nor a so call Black Afrikan who did not physically run away but still is a run away from Afrika Mentally so, is qualified to speak evilly against that they knowing about and have done nothing to change our Black Lifeand Afrika condition in the world today.

    Because you see it is how the Afrikans who remain in Afrika did in fact allow the present status of Afrika and the Black Afrikans in Afrika to be as I write speaking to you today, so how in the hell can the New so call Black Afrikan Human Being dictate to the Black Nationalist Garveyites, children of the Middle passage, we serving to be evidence that we all of the Middle passage that now survive, do so because of the Divine Mind Strength of our Enslaved Ancestors, you tell me that we do not have a place reserved for us in that so call place call Afrika and attempt to question the validity of our Divine Right to return to Afrika as the next established independent State in Afrika, all because the run away so call Afrikans can no longer See Divinely any more, which prevent them from knowing and understanding the needs of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan World, in order for such a Black Afrikan World to become United again and Afrika to come back in the possession of the Black so call Afrikans again.

    No beloved, no run away Black Afrikans that have the audacity to ask that the Master Plan for Afrika and the Black World be explained over this open world wide Net, such a request from the so call Afrikan Black Human Being, serve as evidence that they have no clue what need to be done in order for Black people to rise with respect and dignity again and become in full charge of A land left to us to serve as the care takers of, yet we no longer have control of it, and some so call Black Human Being Afrikans today, they skin and grin over our lost of A land whose story they know nothing about because we know nothing about ourselves, that are Divine.

    Beloved, call it a fantasy or wishful thinking if you so desire and by your description of the very action capable of Liberating Afrika and the Black world, such clearly demonstrate such a Mind that make such a description is the Mind of the Human Being and it is that Mind that is responsible for the present condition of the Black World and of Afrika as well, both Black, White, Arab and Jewish, they serving to be the cause of the destruction of Black Afrikans Civilization.

    Now, for those of you who would like to discuss with me, eye ball to eye ball and I know you can be Trusted to discuss the avocation of Reparation/Repatria tion and the Children Of The Middle Passage Divine Right to an independent State in Afrika, I remain available to you, other than that, you end up criticizing that which you are totally uninformed about, because it carry the requirement of Divine revelation, ( this is not religion talking ) which require that you are to be qualified to do Divine Thinking, such come with a Divine Mind,beloved.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks many of Us are unfamiliar with such a Divinity, So We End Up Despising That Which Is qualified to Save Our Black Life.

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