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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris

If the original People in afrika is not as they should be, then how do you expect Afrika as a place of Black so call Afrikans resident, to be as it should be, here today you have a People referring to themselves as Afrikans and yet is completely ignorant of such a People, meaning that A people without the Knowledge of their Past, which cause those people to be ignorant of themselves, in no way can such a People know what is best for Afrika and themselves, those referring to themselves as Black so call Afrikans, in a place referred to as Afrika.

Whenever you See a People referring to themselves as Afrikans and in the same breath are saying that Tribalism is bigger than the Land that house the Tribalist people, and you speak out against the act of Unifying the Land that House you, by you yourselves becoming unified, then know this, you are witnessing a people referring to themselves as Tribes of a Sub-Ethnic acquisition, which serve notice to the World that Black so call Afrikan People are a People that no longer Think for themselves and now willfully take guidance and direction from a people that have been successful in remaking a People referring to themselves as Black so call Afrikans Hue-Man Beings, a sure sign of being a people that do not any longer know whom you Black People are and that is why we now speak so foolish about Things pertaining to Afrika and Black Afrikan People, using the information of a Flawed sequence that come from the Hue-Man Being, they who has successfully taught you so call Afrikan People to sub-divide yourselves, the act of self hatred of a people gone Mad against themselves, a people that has no remorse one for the other, in the way we treat each other.

There is nothing that the Afrikan in Afrika or out of Afrika say, that prove to serve as evidence that what is being said come from entirely the Mind of of Black so call Afrikan people, especially when you See a so call Afrikan attempting to raise a Thesis in favor of Afrikan Tribalism, which represent the Sub-Grouping of a once Universal Ethnic Divine Being, needing not to take direction from People with a History of erasing the Natural Identity of a People that was once of a divine Mentality, meaning the way Thoughts proceeded from the Mind of Divine Beings and such were Thoughts that was always in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Reasoning and Logic that verified the Truthfulness and Realness of those Events that either were created by those Divine Beings or were Events that came before and into our Life Naturally so, and to be qualified to distinguish between the natural and the Physical, serve as evidence that there is a Divine Mind in action, a Mind that qualify such a People to indicate whom they are and a People of self knowledge, referring to themselves as Black so call Afrikan People, such a people will know full Divinely well that to sub-Divide themselves, is to reduce themselves to become a People dwelling in Self confusion and such a People know nothing about what should serve to the Greater good of such a People.

Anything the Black so call Afrika do today, should not be done based on what has been learned from the Hue Man Being, they are Beings that are self declared Animals and with a Want to Lie and Deceive a world they have been successful in causing to be ignorant of whom they are and now ignorantly confess to be of the Hue-Man Being genre, and such a confession verify that those so cal Black Afrikans making such a confession are Divine Beings no more and that is why Black so call Afrikans can not see the Wisdom in dismantling the Social Disorder of Tribalism, as now practice by counterfeit so call Black Afrikan, a Being that has allowed Afrika to be squandered by People who has no respect for Afrika, nor of the original people that occupied that so call Afrika Land.

To speak out against a United States of Afrika, absent of the Sub-Ethnic identity and to have a Federation of Afrikan States whose identity will not be by the Sub-Division of a Homogeneous Afrikan People but will consist of a new Ethnicity of Black Afrika People as one Ethnic, occupying different States whose Citizens will be of One Ethnic identity, anything less, will be an effort to destroy continuously the Natural Order of Production of Black Divine Beings and to become Transformed to become so call Afrikans Hue-Man Beings.

Sub- Dividing Black so call Afrikan People into Sub-Ethnic Tribes are just what the Hue-Man Being Oppressors have ordered for so call Afrikan Hue-Man Beings, and it is the action that take place under such a Sub-Divided Tribal Disorder, that has the Black so call Afrikan world and Afrika, Divided against such irrational Dynamics, those that now have the so call Afrikan in Afrika behaving as you are today and the Afrikan out of Afrika believing as you do today about everything that the Hue-Man Being has taught you to believe, and the both of you, is a victim of none Divine Thinking, and to function outside of that requirement , is what give cause for Afrika not being the way it should be today and for the so call Black Afrikan behaving as we do today, and it is both defects that have Afrika and Afrikan people destroying Afrika and the Self, of the so call Black Afrikan, you being all dressed up in your Sub-Tribal Orientation, a Mental Process full of defects that assure the destruction of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan people.

You so call Afrika Hue-Man Being, so full of your Brand New self, totally wrapped in the ignorance of your Hue-Man being Educational intelligence, an intelligence that despise the Divine truth and is well under way of Destroying a Once Sacred Land and a once Divine Black People, a True sign that of your Past, you no longer remember and now you despise.

How pitiful and sad of a Self ignorant people we once Divine Beings have become, so much so, until we can not bring our Black so call Afrikan Selves to accept the Divinity of our Past Lives, Lived by our Ancient Divine Cosmic First way Black Ancestors, a short coming, that have us praising the Evil of Tribalism.

The Divine Truth, Black So Call Afrikans Despise The Divine Truth And Now Suffer From Such Evil Desperation !!!

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder


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