Chief Elder Osiris : There Is Not A Penny Worth Of Difference Between The Two!!!

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    There Is Not A Penny Worth Of Difference Between The Two!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    When it come to the two political parties, I remember George Wallace, the then Governor of Alabama, making the statement and I quote, " There Is Not A Dime Worth Of Difference Between The republican And Democratic Parties".

    At the Time he made that statement it was in the seventies, today I am declaring that the value of the two party system in political America, has gone way down.

    So today, in the false year of Human Being Time, we refer to such Time as being the year of 2009, I do declare to Black People and to America citizens, that there is not a PENNY WORTH OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES TODAY!!!

    As I observe the enthusiasm of Black people toward President Obama, all aglow with joy and pride, as we melt with vain arrogance over the fact of having what Black people refer to President Obama as being a Black President and Black people do believe that they most certainly did play a pivotal role in causing Obama to become President Of The United States Of America.

    As you know, most Black People participating in America Party Politics, happen to be democrats, the greatest error Black people can make, that is if you are set on participating in America politics.

    Beloved, politic is a game of compromise, it is the equivalent to the game, Chess, all about how to out smart the other and is based on the quality of the moves you make and how well you are mental equipped to set traps one for the other, compromising one move to gain strength to make another.

    So in politics, the people are the pawns and your candidates and staffs are your bishops knights, kings, and queens, and in the end, only the party give off the appearance of win or lose, the pawns are there only to be used as decoys, made to appear to be important when they are really not.

    At this Time in my life, allow me to deal with a hypothetical, If I was still in involved in politics, regarding party affiliation, and only had the two party system to choose from, I would choose the party known for its conservatism, because you see beloved, in the present TWO PARTY SYSTEM IN AMERICA, IT IS THE LIBERAL PARTY, COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THAT IS THE GREATEST HARM TO BLACK PEOPLE.

    Now, why do I say That, well it is because of the fact that it is Black people that the Democrats have no cause to enter into compromising action with Black people for anything, because Black people are all Flocked into the Democratic Party and that give that party reason to take Black folks for granted in the game of politics in America.

    Beloved, if Black people were Thinking people, then Black People would know, by being able to see, that Liberalism in the Democratic Party is a great Danger to Black people, so tell me, what has the Democratic party done for Black People that is beneficial to Black People?

    Well, the liberals eased the overt appearance of segregation and turn right around and gave you quotas, affirmative action, and integration and assimilation, the liberals allowed the introduction of Drugs into the Black community and the Three Strike Law to have merit in the criminal justice system in America.

    Beloved, it is the Liberals that will not acknowledge the debt of Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, the Liberal Democratic Party is the most Power asserting and Dominating between the two political parties in America, against Black People,.

    The Liberal Democratic Party is what introduced Busing to get not an Education but to have Black and White children sitting together in a classroom setting.

    Instead of having Community Control of the Schools, it was not the Liberals that introduced Community Economic Development, which serve only as a distraction away from the core problem of black people in America.

    So, in America politics, Black People are being attacked from both side of the isle of party politics, therefore I share with you that the greatest enemy to Black people in America, is the so call Democratic Liberal Party, as we are constant attacked by both parties, bringing me to share with you today, by declaring that there is not a Penny worth of difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, when Black people are the target of neglect and deception.

    The Obama Health Care (control ) plan is a danger to Black People in particular, Liberalized capitalist socialized Medicine is a danger to Black, Elderly, Disable, and to poor people, because there is no alternative medicine care for such a class of people.

    So beware for what you give your support to, it could be the evil that is going to make your life to enter the finial chapter of its living Hell, Beloved.

    As I often share with you from Time to Time, my way of measuring who it is that hold the Black life to high respect with concern of Divine interest, I hold up the issue of Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors as an instrument to be used to be a litmus test before America and the World, and mark my word, all of those who come He-Hawing, Stuttering, and down low taking a position against Reparation, I do not care if you are Black Or White, Jew or Gentile, if you are against the payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, against the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors having a right to freedom of choice as to where we desire to make claim to be our Domicile of preference, and is against the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors having a Divine Right to become Self Govern, by having an established State in Afrika to be our Resident of Choice.

    All of those of you who are against such divine Righteous Justice, is to be identified to be an enemy to Afrika and the suppressors to the rise of a United Black Afrikan Nation.

    You will find in America, the Liberal and Conservative political parties being in opposition for such righteous Justice to be experienced by Black Afrikan People in America, and in Afrika, it is the Liberal Wing of America that is being furiously in opposition to the right of our Enslaved Ancestors to be paid their Reparation that is owed to them.

    Such a stand against Reparation by both parties of politics in America, it show that there is not to be a Penny Worth Of Difference Between The Democratic And Republican Party, When it come to keeping Justice away from Black People in America.

    Study to show your self to be approved to know the difference between that which is Divinely True and that which is Deceiving you, and so know beloved, all that glitter is not pure Gold or Diamond.

    So study careful the President New Found Health Care Plan that they are presenting to you, beloved, before you end up giving approval to that which does not serve to render Healthy Justice to you,Beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]