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    There Is Not A Penny Worth Of Difference Between The Preacher, Professionals, And Black Entertainers, Most All Are Traitors To The Race.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

    [email protected]

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe, Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Beloved, it is Time for Black people to get up off of our behind and take a stand for and against what is Divinely good and what is profanely evil.

    There is no God in the sky that is going to come down and save you and fight our battle for us, there is no God in the sky that is listening to our problems, there is no God in the sky that is going to tell us that everything is going to be alright and all we should do is be quite and be still and God, “HE” will protect us and will supply our life every want and need.

    Here we have those Black people who have wiggled their way into the lives of Black people, young and Matured beyond adolescence, contributing nothing to Black people that will assure our freedom.

    So, based upon the opportunity given to them by Lucifer the Human Being, and Lucifer does not give Black people anything without something to be gotten in return, those Black preachers, entertainers and professionals only mislead Black people to believe that all is well with them and that they can become anything in our lives that we “want” to be if only we believe in Jesus.

    So those Black Preachers, Entertainers, and other so call professionals, they all are no more than angels of Lucifer the Human Being, lying to and deceiving Black people about the environment we played no part in creating, and now we are a prisoner to those who are in control of our thoughts and most certainly they are not us Black people.

    Because with all of the preachers, entertainers, professionals Money success, not Mental success, that those preachers, entertainers and professionals are in possession of, those negroes do not have any knowledge about their Black selves and nor do they have any knowledge about the Divine Essence, (GOD)

    So, it is when reality hit for a moment, that will have those negroes to be hit with a feeling of sorry and sadness about themselves and they do know why, as they bow down deeper to a God that has done nothing for Black people but put us in the Mental state that we are now in today, and such a mind state is what have us Black people to suffer from a Mental illness.

    How Sad and pitiful of a Black people we have been made to become, having no desire to be free and independent with the sovereign of dignity.

    We are just a people who want our way through life, not knowing that want breed Vanity ego, envy, and jealousy, the trinity of evil that have Black preachers, entertainers, and other professionals loving to be conspicuous in the presence of Black people, so that we can see and worship them, the only way that they can believe, not know, that they are somebody in this evil world

    Most of The Black preachers, entertainers, and professionals do not know the difference between Religion and Divinity, Soul and Spirit, and Mind Body self and our intuitive self, and without such basic knowledge concerning the Body Life of Black people, then there is no way those caliber of Black people will be no more than an enemy to Black people.

    Who are the enemies to Garvey like Black people?

    Well, they are all who do nothing but lie and deceive Black people, by displaying themselves with high class ignorance, they are never making an effort to assist in Black people becoming free and independent, and making sure that Afrika will be for the Afrikan, all that they do for Black people, is exploit our ignorance about life and ourselves, no difference from their God Lucifer the Human Being.

    Show me Black preachers, Entertainers, professionals, those who are in the class of being Lucifer angels and you will be observing a major problem to Black people.

    Yet those preachers, entertainers and professionals who are Black, most are not in the know about the Sacredness of Reparation and do not know why it must be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors and do not know that all of this talk about community development, and you can be all you want to be, all is no more than to serve as a distraction to Black people fighting for our Reparation freedom.

    Tell me, how does it look for someone Black and supposedly successful, educated and all, meeting all of Lucifer Society requirement in order to look to be somebody special to Black people, for them to be yelling out and persuading Black people that it is God that has allowed them to have all that they appear to have materially to look successful in life.

    Beloved, to a Divine Mind that know what the Divine Essence is, they all look to be on display as being the biggest fool dressed in they being the ignorance of all, among us Black people, simple because they lie and deceive Black people, as they pretend to be telling Black people the truth about life.

    Here are these so call successful Black people with lots of money and all that they will do is exploit Black people, lying and deceiving them to believe that Money is the root for successful, as they reveal themselves to be the poorest of all among Black people, because they serve as a symbol of lies and deception to Black people and that they do not know the value of Life, which is to Know the Divine Truth about ourselves, which will prompt them to stop lying to Black people and become a symbol of freedom to Black people, by supporting the effort to regain our dignity by collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    No, there is no other way freedom will come to Afrika, and Unity to Black people, other than through our Ancestors Reparation, and we can try all other phony ways as we so “want to,” but it is Reparation that we need to become the Black Afrikan Nation that we need to be again, and this has no meaning to you, unless you know who we were before our Fall into becoming Lucifer Human Beings and Lucifer History does not teach such Divine Truth.

    So, most of those preachers, entertainers and educated professionals, they serve to be traitors to the Black Race, because they have allowed themselves to be used as a mental paralyzing force to Black people, we holding them up to be a symbol of success, our role model, wanting them to become our mentors, when in fact they are the representative of the cause of Black people problems, and is the deadliest of all to Black People, because Evil now is in the midst of us, looking just like us, being conspicuous to us, as they represent themselves to be the Black image of success, when in fact they operate under the influence of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, a sure evil to Black people.

    Show me any Black person claiming to be successful in life and preference the cause for success as being because of Religious belief, and lie to you that it is God that is responsible for the success that is projected before Black people, and I will show you the major problem that keep Black people from becoming free.

    The major problem to prevent Black people salvation, dwell right in our midst, we praise and honor such problem, while claiming to be searching for a solution to our problem, which serve to reveal that Black people have been made to be so mentally ill until we are not qualified to recognize the problem that we show such great honor to, they being the preachers, entertainers and professionals who are agents of Lucifer the Evil Human Being, they posing to be angels to Black people who now live in a state of mental illness and is not being able to identify the enemy that is within the Black Race, those who serve to be traitors to the Black Race, moving under Lucifer command.

    No! No! No! you do not want this Divine information to be shared with Black people, you who are sympathetic to Evil being in our midst, as we are victims to our own self ignorance.

    Take a look with an effort to see the Body self of Black people and tell me what do you see, no really, take for instance the period of Time we Black people have been away from Afrika, the Black people who came to where we are in north America at he bottom of ships I make reference too, and compare the Mind we have now to the Mind of our Enslaved Ancestors, and you will see how mentally ill we have become today.

    Our Enslaved Ancestors possessed the Mind that desired to be free, today Black people have had approximate five hundred years to see the evil of Lucifer the oppressors of Black people ways, and yet and still today, the Mind Black people wear is no where the caliber of Mind of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Because Separation, Reparation to Freedom is not a goal of the Brand New Negro today, it is about the fantasy of inclusion in a society that has been expertly conditioned to look at our Black behind through the eyes of prejudice and the teacher of such a Mind is Racism, the Mentality of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Yet here we are claiming to be all about Civil Rights, Affirmative action, integration, assimilation, community development, economic justice, religious freedom, political equality , but never Freedom.

    Such is a goal of a people is a goal that has been given to a people who started out claiming to be Racially superior over Black people and today Lucifer the Human Being is still proving to be correct.

    Because we still serve to be Lucifer slave, admit it or not, I give less than a ****, because our life experience prove that which I share with you to be the Divine Truth, and if you choose to disagree, you disagree not with me, but with experience, and it is experience that is life Master Teacher and only a foolish idiot would challenge experience in an attempt to show it to be wrong.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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