Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Such A action as Negative Energy

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    There Is No Such A action as Negative Energy

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, will Black Afrikans ever begin to Think for ourselves when attempting to understand our lives activity and get to know what it is that cause our Body to be alive and the Life that the body portray by its action, which is guided by the Body Mind?

    You Black so call intelligent people, you who go around sporting Lucifer degrees that denote that you have been well indoctrinated into the Mind use of the Human Being Lucifer, your oppressors, those people who teach you no where near the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and about your Black so call Afrikan self.

    Yet you Black people do not hesitate in believing everything told to you by the Human Being, a people that have proved to you when it come to informing Black people, they lie and deceive you Black people.

    Yet, you Black people love to quote those who look like you but has been Miss-educated by Lucifer himself and they most Time, know no more than what Lucifer has Miss-educated you Black people to believe about, concerning life and its relation to the Infinite Entity that cause all of this you be looking at and all that you can not see, to be.

    It is a foolish Mind that does not Think to Reason, and imply that there is Evil, Bad, in the act of negativity, when relating such Spiritual Emotional display to be a way of describing the most Divine Entity of Action that is responsible for Both Universe To Be, never to expressively reveal a Negative so call Evil impulse in Its action of bring into a Material reality all that you now believe that you look at today, you having such to be the scope and level of your reality, a reality that will fade away, thus having you to know that such really was not Real, because Divine Reality is forever in existence and in that realm of existence, there is no such of an action as Negative Energy, be it on the physical of nonphysical level of its action, the Divine Energy I am sharing about, and there is only One energy, and that Energy is Infinitely Divine.

    The Things a foolish Mind will embrace without questioning, which should have you to know of the power of the Mind in its action of guiding your life, and if your method of use of the Mind is not Divine, then you become a candidate to believe all that Lucifer the Human Being teach you about your do not know nothing about your Black Behind Life, just what a people who hold no respect for your black selves have Miss-educated you about, in this Deceiving lying world of which Lucifer the Human Being is in control of today.

    So you wonder why yhe Black world is in the condition it is in today and carry yourselves as if all is well with your Mind?

    The Human Being Lucifer is in control of the world today because they now control the Black so call Afrikan Mind, and when your Mind is not free to creatively Think and Divinely Reason Rationally with Logic, then you will hear Black so call Afrikans referring as if there is such a action as Negative Energy, only the spirit portray a negative behavior in action, what foolish Black so call Afrikan people we have become, under the direction of Lucifer the Human Being Mind.

    There is no more Afrikan, no more Afrikan, because the first Afrikans were Divine Beings who mastered the art of Divinely Thinking, because there are no foolish Minds that could have built the Greatest Civilization ever to dawn this planet Earth, as Lucifer refer to this compilation of Elements that fly around the Mother Elements, (Sun-Stars) acknowledging its Majesty in the way it give birth to all Life on the physical plane, verifying that all energy is Divine Energy and that there is no such an energy as Negative energy.

    It is the Mind that the Energy generate but such Energy has nothing to do in how that Mind use such energy that does not change in the way it provide Motional Life on the Physical plane of material life.

    So, however we express ourselves, be it in what you call Negative and positive, it is the Mind action that reveal such spirits of action that come flowing from your Body life, which you describe to be negative energy when the spirit you are experiencing or witnessing is not to your Wants or liking, as you miss-describe the action of an Energy that is Divinely constant in its action, taking not on a behavior of action that you are not justified in labeling as Negative Energy.

    It is as if to say that the Divine Energy project a Spirit that is negative or positive, when such action of generating by the Divine Essence which is Divine Intelligent Energy, does not express, it just act and be as It Divinely and Infinitely be in action, as it energize all that It has caused to be, be it physical or ethereal, in its motion of action.

    The Divine Energy is not to be categorized by that which such Divine force has caused all things to be, it is with the absent of the Divine Mind that will have you categorizing that which is Infinitely Constantly without negativity in the mind sense that we use it, to label such Divinity, which is the Divine Energy essence Intelligence, as having an action of negativity in a display of your Spirit, which is action of your confused Mind, been made not to know who you Black people are in your Body Life Living.

    All Energy Is divine Intelligent Energy, Its Essence Is Divinely Eternally Infinite.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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