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    There is no room for nothing else
    I don't have time that's all mine
    Flooded with everyday responsibilities
    Brought on my surroundings and needs

    I try to forget the bad
    It does not go away
    I stuff it down to progress some days

    In life distractions come in many forms
    Release comes only in a few
    The distractions are flooded at me everyday
    At work, on TV in the commute

    Like an elephant sitting on my back
    The yoke I bear is not by my design
    It is thrust upon me by the daily toil

    I progress slowly and with difficulty

    Demands, and the responsibility of image
    To conform, to cooperate and be

    I am not a conformist

    Not by the book the robot is not in me
    I can be obedient
    I can be kind
    I strive to not do any harm

    I expect the same kind

    But the truth of this matter
    Things are just not right

    They are false and I see them they won’t leave my sight

    I am awake not sleep
    Even when I close my eyes

    They come to me in my dreams I see the true lies

    The way I appear
    It is not rooted in my being so it is eating at my desire

    Throw the burden it comes back in some fashion or design
    Not created by my needs or desires
    It is the world’s I know not mine

    Freedom to me is something else

    The enemy comes at me everyday
    Do they have some monitor working their way
    Knowing my thoughts my moves my glance
    To step in the way of my advance

    Elusive is the need

    Yet I know I will accomplish the fact and the thing that brings me peace
    So daily while I focus on
    The moments I give myself

    The elements of that weight

    To bear is still within my self
    It won’t be long I know that fact
    Because it has been a while
    The thing I need to say or do

    Has risen it a depth so high

    To get up from this kneeling posture
    Rise again from where I sit

    The freedom of mind the need that’s mine will no longer be denied
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