Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Room For Freedom In The Mind Of Most Black People

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    No Room For Freedom In The Mind Of Most Black People.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    A people who refuse to learn from their past lives activity is bound to suffer from such ignorance, as other people of different ethnics have learned from our past activity against the injustice of segregation, discrimination, unjustified prejudice Racism, it seem as if black people have chose to ignore such a lesson of ours.

    To ignore Past activity used against injustice, and not to use such activity against the injustice of not paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, such ignorance serve as evidence that today, in the Mind of most Black Afrikans, there is no room for Divine intelligence to reside in today Black Afrikan mind.

    It has been a long journey traveling in the desert of our Mind, a Mind having no room for freedom, but do have room for all that keep us barren of Divine Thought, concerning our Black Afrikan Selves.

    It has become past a pity, and beyond funny, the way we jump to the advice of those who have crowded our Mind with such profane and deceiving information that have us ignorant of our Black selves.

    So much so, until Divine Information in association with Divine Truth, concerning the life of a people once Divine and wise, can now find no room for freedom in the Black Mind, the Mind of a people without the knowledge of self.

    There are not many Black Minds that house Divine information, from which Divine knowledge can be gleaned, meaning that all Divine information is without resident in the Mind of Black people, a Mind over crowded with belief, faith, and hope, leaving no room for Divine Right, Reality, Truth, and Justice, so that such principles can take up lodging in the Mind of Black people.

    All Black people need to do in order to know that the Mind of most Black Afrikans are without room for Divine intelligence to reside in our Mind, is just take a look and see Afrika today, and then take a look see at the today Black Afrikan, and you will, if your sight is Divine, see that ignorance has moved out intelligence, from the Mind of most Black Afrikans.

    Because, if there is a Black Afrikan today that will take a position that imply that there is nothing wrong with Afrika and Most Black Afrikan people mind, then you would be looking and seeing a Black Afrkan with a Mind that has no room for intelligence to reside.

    There is no greater evidence that prove that Most Black Afrikans mind is over crowded with ignorance, and moronic spirit is when you see today Black Afrikn taking proud in ignoring Divine information today, acting as if it is an intelligent spirit to display to the world.

    Another sign that there is no room available in most Black Afrikans mind for intelligence, is when you see certain Black Afrikans who would attempt to challenge what is not known and understood by the challenger of Divine information, and the way to see such ineptness, is by the effort the Black Afrikan make to discredit that which is discreditable, it being the Divine Truth.

    It is plainly revealed that Most black people do not have any room in our Mind for Intelligence, when Belief become the top resident in the Mind of most Black people, and the evidence that ignorance has all of the room occupied in Most Black people Mind, is what attract and appeal to most Black people, which is illusion instead of reality, and confinement over freedom, and today, want, pretend, hypocrisy, fun, and advancement, occupy all of the room in the mind of most Black Afrikans, and there is no room for Freedom to be a resident in most Black Afrikans mind today.

    I have often shared with you Black people, sharing with you that the most certain way for our Enslaved Ancestors to receive justice, and that justice come in the way of payment of Reparation and it being the Divine representative of Freedom for Afrika and Black Afrikan people.

    Yet we continue to indicate that freedom and intelligence have no room to ocupy in the Mnd of most Black Afrikan people.

    To grab the attention of the world, and have the world to respect what is an issue pertaining only to the Black Afrikan world, concerning the thriving injustice being experienced by Black people, and the injustice being the denial of payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Then, there will in fact require the coming out and the mobilizing not a Black Million man march or a million woman march, it will require for at least the coming out collectively, at least Five million Black people, you marching on Washington, pointing to all of Washington allies who participated and profited from the Enslaving of our Black Afrikan Ancestors, to pay to them their Reparation.

    Here I am, witnessing the invaders of Afrika in the name of Egypt, hoping to prevail in getting what they said gave cause for them to take a page from the Black Afrikan in America sixties civil rights, Civil disobedient limited revolutionary activist book, an activity of mass movement in the streets, a tactic that is determine to topple a thirty year despot regime in North Afrika Egypt.

    Yet, by the position and status of Black Afrkans in the world, America in particular, and the silent and inaction in pursuit of an aim, goal, and destiny which would represent freedom in Afrika for Black Afrikans.

    Because of such display of complacency, demonstrated by Black Afrikan people, you could wonder if black people have any complaints in the world about the state of condition of the Black Afrikan Life, based upon the lack of interest displayed by Black people, by not demonstrating a dissatisfaction over the disrespect shown toward our Enslaved Ancestors, by having not yet paid what is owed to our enslaved Ancestors, their Reparation.

    There is an increase of Magnetic action that take place among people who collectively gather having the same aim, destiny, and goal, the energy that generate the mental objective to become a force to be reckon with, having a target f commonly focused upon, it being Reparation, which is not an impossible goal to be reached by Black people, that is, if we are willing to do what is mentally and Spiritually necessary to do, in order to be successful in obtaining that which give cause for us to demonstrate a desire and need to accomplish.

    Up to this point and time in the lives of the today Black Afrikan, there has been shown by the continued state of repression, persecution, depression, and oppression, stemming from the presence of continued Racism, and the lack of Black opposition to such treatment, that in the mind of today Black Afrikans, there is no room in the mind of Black people for Freedom, and woe is to the fallen Black Nation, which get no respect from the world.


    Chief Elder
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