Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Reasoning Logically And Rationally With Religious Believers

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    There Is No Reasoning Logically And Rationally With Religious Believers

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The objective of sharing the Divine truth concerning the Divine essence and the Self of our body life is not to convince or convert anybody, it is to share what the facts of life support concerning the Divine Essence and our body life self, not so with Religion Doctrine, its objective is and I quite, to win Souls for the religious God, using any means necessary to do so and it is religion that has nothing in common with Divinity, religion being about lies and deception about its God and Divinity is about confirming and verifying the Facts that verify the Divine Essence and what the Body Life action must be to verify its Divine Knowledge of the Divine Essence which require Mental reasoning that is in Harmony, Order and balance with the facts that confirm the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, both Universe and the Self of the body Life connection to the action of those entities.

    Divinity is not about making claim about saving your Soul, it is about causing enlightenment and awareness to your body life self that will have your body life self to be safe while active in living your body life and anyone who choose to believe in the religion of Lucifer the oppressors of Black People as oppose to getting to know again the Theology of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors which instruct the importance in living a Divine Life, it become useless and needless to engage the religious believers in a debate about their religious doctrine because it is not Divine to believe in God but it is Divine to know of and about the Divine Essence, the God of our Divine Ancestors that do not Command nor does it make promises about your Soul, that is religious Talk and all Religion is the creation of the Devil Himself, the liar, deceiver and oppressors of Black People.

    Among Black People there are two different quality of Mind, one mind that is committed to Thinking Divinely and the other mind set that is in the act of believing, so when in the use of a Mind that Think Reasonable, rationally and logically the thought process is in harmony, Order and Balance in dealing with the facts and circumstances that guide you to reach a Rational conclusion about the topic under examination in search of the Divine Truth regarding the topic in question.

    Not so with the religious believer in use of the Human Being Mind that teach you to be guided by a belief system when dealing with the topic of religion and with the Human Being Mind it is not only the religious belief that cause the religious believer to not be able to reason logically with you about their God and your self, the religious believer is influenced by their religion and belief, even when the discussion is on any topic that involve our Black Lives, so it become needless to enter into a act of reason with the religious believer about anything that affect our lives.

    So among Black People there are two factions with a Mind that is of different quality, meaning that there are two different social and Theological persuasion that make up the Black so call Afrikan society and for those Black People who are motivated by a Divine Mind that guide you to deal with life on the mental dimension of Knowing and not belief, when searching for Divine Information that will give you the ability to know and understand that Black people in our present life condition must be guided by a Divine Mind that apply only Profound Reasoning, remain Rational and Logical when discussing, strategizing, and planning for our liberation from our present social, economic, educational, political and Religious condition, a condition that have Black People to not have any respect, power and authority in the World today.

    For the last Five Hundred Years the faction of Black People with the Divine Mind to know, have allowed the faction of Black People who have allowed themselves to be converted to be guided by the Mind of Black people abusers, oppressors, liars and deceivers when acting toward and instructing Black People, to dominate the religious topics.

    So, for the last Five hundred Years Black people have been under the persuasion in captivity of the Mind of a people referring to themselves as Human Being and that Human Being Mind misguide a certain Faction of Black People to believe in everything the Human Being teach about God, Universe and our Black Selves, and it is such flawed information that has failed the Black world and has prevented the Black World from acknowledging the fact of our Lives condition in the world, serving as evidence as long as Black people choose the Human Being way of Life to believe and not our Ancient First Way cosmic Black Ancestors Mind that teach and guide Black People to know and not believe about The Divine Essence, Both Universe and our Black Divine Self, then the divide of Black people will remain and Afrika will eventually disappear as it once was before and the Black Afrikan will continue to consent to be Melting Pot Dwellers in the world of participated perversion.

    So the question become why waste any more Time engaging the Black so call Afrikan Believers who have become fanatical believers in and lovers of a phantom of Religious stature by the name of Jesus, the deceiving Human Being symbol of Truth and Salvation, he being the corner stone of a made up religion used to conquer the Black World into becoming a majority of Religious Believers, a mental act that cause Black People to become willing Traitors to the Divine Theological Truth concerning the Divine Essence, Both Universe and the Divine Being of the Black Self.

    So tell me beloved, what has it profit the Divine Faction of the Black World by constantly engaging the converted Black so call Afrikan believers in the oppressors Religion and in believing that the Human Being oppressors know what is best for the Lives of a once Divine Being now been caused to be Divided by a False doctrine about the Divine Essence, both Universe and the Black Body Life?

    Beloved, would it not be more meaningful to the Divine seekers within the Black Nation to begin to disqualify the Black so call Afrikan Religious Believer from being given respect of all level pertaining to our life condition, not to even enter into discussion with those Afrikan Human Being Believers and Melting Pot Dwellers.

    Tell me, why should the Afrikan Believers have the respect of those Afrikans in search of our Divine Mind, a Mind that motivate us to Know what the Divine Essence Is, what the meaning and purpose of Both Universe is to a Divine Mind and to know the Self of our Divine Being, we being the body life deserving to know the Divine Truth about all that has happen to our lives and come to know the solution to the problem that caused the Fall of the Black Unified Nation, information the creators of the Human Being God Religion that now has the Black Nation full of religious confusion, a confusion that will not allow Black People to know the Self of Their Divine Black Body Being.

    It is against the Divine Law of the Universe for Divinity and Profanity to engage in debate with the religious believer over the Divine Truth And Reality concerning the Divine Essence, Both Universe and our Divine Black Selves, because before long you end up not being able to distinguish between the two and it is unwise to do so.

    We must once again come to know our Divine Black Selves relationship to the Divine Essence and both Universe, because when being guided by your Divine Mind it teach you to know such Divine Entities which need to be Reasonable, Rationally and Logically Discussed and not religious debated, using the Divine Foundation of Knowing and not the profane religious foundation of Believing when the Divine Principles are the Divine Essence, Both Universe and the Lives of the Divine Being, we being Descendant from our Ancient cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors and Afrika was the Holy Land of our goddess and gods that first set foot upon this Planet now referred to as Earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Tell me, what is there to be gained to enter into debate with a Religious fanatic who show no sign of desiring Mental deliverance, they believing all that those lying and deceiving oppressors have taught about their world and their God and the Universe, having the religious believers to use their religious doctrine as their predicate when discussing every aspect about their lives condition and potential, they always lying on a God they have created and was successful in getting the Black World to believe in and to forsake the Theology about the Divine Essence and of Both Universe, they being the Garment and Divine Attribute of the Divine Essence, a Divine Theology that require to know and understand of those qualified entities of which Black People of a religious faction of the Black Race has forsaken in exchange for acceptance of the Caucasian oppressive Religion, it built upon a foundation of belief, faith and hope, never to know no more the Divine Relationship Black People had to the Divine Essence, both Universe that gave the Divine Information that qualified our Divine Ancestors with the knowledge and Understanding of knowing their relationship to such Divine Entities.

    So you see beloved, that is the quality and level of Divine Knowledge we must come back into the Divine knowing again and it will not come as long as we are always entertaining the fallacy, fantasy, lies, and deception of the oppressors Luciferian Religion, that which now have captured a majority faction of the Black World Mind, a Mind no longer Divine but now is profanely of the Human Being Mind.

    So tell me, what has it profit you Black People who go running after the lies and fables of a made up Jesus and his given Christ like behavior?

    Are you Black People under the impression that in some way and some how this Jesus if founded will Save your Black Behind from the Evil you now suffer at the hand of those who created the Jesus you now Seek?

    Is it not Reasonable , Rational and Logical to Think, not believe, if Jesus desired to be founded he will present himself to you being the purported magician he has been made out to be?

    Do you know, not believe, that the Jesus you seek if known of your Suffering and all of the lying and deceiving you have been put through and if he is the Savior, the Liberator of those being held captive unjustly, based upon Jesus assigned character he would have responded to you by now and would have given Afrika back to the Black Afrikan and would have caused the Black Nation to be United again, he would have done that himself and need not send a Representative to do what he suppose to be able to do at the snap of a finger or the wink of an Eye?

    Yes, Yes beloved, based upon all of the crying, praying, jumping up and down, stomping , calling out in Jesus Name and all of the bargaining you have sent out to Jesus, by now you would have reached and excited and motivated him to come and see about your Black behind?

    Yet, here we who are proclaimers of our Divine Mind, attempt to not Reason but debate with such a low degree of a believing mind that believe in a religious doctrine that is so profanely secretive and mysterious until it arouse a profane imagination in a Mind that is not the Mind given to you by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors?

    Beloved, it is time for us to disengage in engaging with the Religious believers, they are beyond to be Reason Logically Divinely with, you see, they are of a mind that is always when you engage the religious believers, they be out to convert you or to defend their belief in their religious God to you.

    So, never can you show where our Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors had a need to attempt to convert, persuade, or defend the Divine Theology they brought to this Planet, because they knew that the Divine Truth need no defending or to be debated and that the Divine Essence and Both Universe verify the fact of their existence by mere fact that you live in the body of your life Being.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    I wished more people allowed themselves to understand this concept. They could free themselves.
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    It is a truly beautiful feeling not being under the yoke of so called religion. I have tried 2 get my Family 2 this point in life but they wont even hear me. If it ain't jesus they ain't hearing it. It's sad, the conditioning is that deep. I finally stopped talking 2 them about it. I decided not 2 constantly aggravate myself.