Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Land More Beautiful And More Sustainable Than Afrika

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    There Is No Land More Beautiful And More Sustainable Than Afrika

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Without Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and our Continent Afrika, There Will Be no freedom And Relief For Black Afrikan People any where else, Regardless Of Where We Have been Scattered On This Planet and made to believe there is where we Black People belong, it being the greatest Lie ever sold to a once Divine Black Nation, and we have made an attempt to buy it, how sad and pitiful we Black People have been made to become, on this Planet Earth

    I know it is not popular to glorify Afrika in view of all of her troubles that is presently going on, on her soil, but when you know the hidden story about the people who chose that land to settle upon, then you will know why it is that there is no land for Black Divine Beings of a people, than the land of Afrika, the land where only Black people Freedom awaits Black people.

    I am a student, a son, a transition from, and an extension of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, a man who was given the Divine vision of the land call Afrika, a land that is above all other land where Black so call Afrikans reside today.

    I see very clearly why it is that Garvey never was deterred from keeping his Mind eye upon and toward the Land of the Native Black Earthling, the people who first came to this planet with a Divineness about them, and did choose that part of the Earth now referred to as Afrika, to settle upon, and to establish the greatest civilization ever, upon this Earth planet.

    The Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors came to this planet knowing the experience of absolute Freedom, which qualified them to be in the know of the Divinity of the Black Body Life, a Life that is guided by a Mind that was Divine.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey is a Man not to be fooled or deterred by lesser Minds among Black People, the lesser Mind being Minds under the control and influence of those people with a history of oppressing Black people.

    It is an oppressed Mind that is not qualified in denouncing those who have done harm to the body life of Black people, but rather be accommodating to those that do Black people harm, and it is such a low quality of spirit that have Black people being attractive to their oppressors, a spirit that Garvey was not in possession of, because he had been given the Divine vision of the land call Afrika and a knowledge of the Black so call Afrikan Self.

    Therefore Garvey knew that there is no land upon this planet other than the Land of Afrika, that is meant to be for Black People, to serve as the place of refuge for the Black so call Afrikan people.

    So in all of his life functioning under his Divine Mind, to Garvey, Afrika is for the Afrikan and the Black Family Nation must become Reunited Again in Afrika, something the world do not desire to see become a reality for the Black world, but such is my Divine vision concerning Afrika and Black people, and only in Afrika is the potential meaningful for Black people becoming a Free and independent Nation again, and no where else will we be free where we now reside on this planet, so Garvey knew it, and I know it, and all Divine Minds know it, because such a vision is revealed to Minds that are Divine and such is revealed in the process of its Divine Thinking.

    There is no island along the Caribbean that is free and independent, and never has been, Black people have been conditioned to fake freedom and independence, but we in north America have never ever been free and independent, regardless of the impression given to us, we who came to north America as Chattel Slaves and was held on land that was colonized by those who did enslave us Black people, and they eventually decided to give Black people the false impression that the land we have been Enslaved upon is now our Land to do with as we please, and such a freedom and independence has never been allowed to be experienced by Black Afrikan people who occupy those Islands today.

    Go ahead and Travel any of those Caribbean Islands and even where we are in South America, all you will find is Black People faking to be a Republic, pretending to be Free and self Governed.

    So I beseech you to follow where their Mind lead them and you will find it lead to the oppressors that Enslaved our Black Afrikan Ancestors and those Black Islanders Afrikans, you will find, do not hold no loyalty, no allegiance to Afrika, but do hold a sense of patriotism to the mother country that colonized those Islands and did conditioned Black people to pledge their loyalty to their Enslaving country in the West and never attempt to make a Divine Spiritual and physical connection to Afrika, the Land of the Gods, our Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Yes, Yes beloved, it was the Honorable Marcus Garvey who was shown the Divine Vision of Afrika and of Black People in Afrika, we who now can make claim to be direct Descendants from the DNA of the Gods, our Mother and Father, they who came to this Planet without a hidden Agenda nor with a desire to be conquerors, but came with Divine Knowledge to share about the Entities of the Universe.

    Our Divine First Way Black Ancestors, Universal Divine Beings that they were, they did know the system of perfecting the Alchemy powers that allow them to be able to interact with the Elemental Forces of the Universe, and they did know what It Is that reveal its Action within and without the Majesty of the Divine Eternal Infinite Darkness.

    Such Alchemy Power we lost the moment we allowed profanity to enter our Black Mind and now here you Black People are, despising the fact of your Blackness and have taken to identify Divine Eternal Infinite Darkness in such a derogatory way, and you feel no guilt when doing so today, such is a sign of our Mental illness.

    Black people do not hold a desire to be Free and Independent, because in order for us to become so again, we must put away our Wants and start dealing with our Needs, and today, we need our Divine Mind back, because as long as we are operating out and away from our Divine Mind, we become fodder to the Luciferian oppressors, they who are working their magic on us, for the purpose of keeping us meek, dependent, and submissive to them, and a profane Human Being Mind is not qualified to see what is being looked at by the profane Mind of Black so call Afrikans.

    Here we are using all sorts of axioms, they being used by our oppressors and we not giving a thought about what those axioms mean, not realizing that such axioms coming from the Mind of our oppressors are how the oppressors view life and the world, and Lucifer view of Black people, is not Freedom when Lucifer is looking at your Black behind, when they are having Black people in Mind.

    We Black people in our Time of sorrow and Need, we become more vulnerable to the wiles act of the Devil, as the Devil appear to become oh so benevolent toward you in your Time of sorrow and need, which most Time he has caused to come upon you.

    So what Lucifer does, well he begin to send boat loads and Aeroplane loads of assistance to a Land that has been colonized by France and is now in receivership to America, a Land with a people referring to themselves as Haitians and not Afrikans, a people that has never experienced the Darkness of their Beauty in the action of Divine Freedom, and now you have those Black Afrikans in Haiti, now been made to be in emergency need of the world assistance, but has been in need of assistance for a very, very, long Time, way before this alleged Earth Quake came to paralyze the Black Afrikans of a land call Haiti.

    I know you do not want to hear this I am sharing with you, but you should be able to see, it is the Divine Truth that has its most alarming appearance when you are in your lowest hour of despair.

    In the 20's when the Honorable Marcus Garvey was sharing Divine information to Black people in the Diaspora and the Black World and the World in general, many of us did not want to hear Garvey share the Divine Truth about Black people and about Afrika, and how the two are joined to the Divine Reality of our Life, upon this Planet Earth.

    You ask the question, what is our plan for us getting out from the condition that our Body Life now suffer, and I share with you that you can not come up with a Divine Plan capable of Freeing our Black Behind, not until we come to know that we need to regain our original Mind back, because a flawed Mind attempting to come up with a plan for our Freedom, will only be able to come up with a flawed plan that will secure our oppression.

    The Divine Truth, Black people do not want to know the Divine truth, because it require for Black People to start Thinking again, and to know that all that glitter is not gold, of a Divine quality, you must be of your Divine Mind.

    Yes, the Black Afrikans in Haiti is in need of assistance, but you know what, it is said that a Hungry person can not feed a Hungry person, the Blind can not lead the Blind to freedom when the two are in captivity.

    So you see, the needs of Black People in Haiti, the greater responsibility to perform such a rescue and assistance fall upon the people who are politically responsible for the Black Afrikans condition in the Diaspora, the Caribbean Island, and on all four points of this Planet Earth.

    Yes, it is the oppressors responsibility to give all of the aid those Black Afrikans Haitian need in order to save their lives, since it is the oppressors who are responsible for all Black people not being in the Land of plenty, the land that is capable of supplying all of Black Divine Beings needs, the Land is Afrika.

    I share with you that which you Need to Hear and not what you want to hear, that is why I am not to be concerned about what you believe about me, it being the same of what you believed of Garvey, which was and is, that our mind is to Black and Afrikan for the Brand New Negro, Black American, and all of the other geographical location we refer to ourselves as being a party to, with the exception of the Continent of the Land of our Mother and Father, glorious Afrika, Land of our gods, our First Way Ancestors.

    Black people have lost all knowledge about what is required of us, in order to have us to return back to being the Divine Beings we once were, Beings that knew the method of obtaining the Alchemy Powers of our Divine Mind, a Mind when functioning Divinely, is qualified of giving us the Plan and Ability to reclaim Afrika and to Unify the Black Family Nation, now this information that I share can not be understood by you standing on the outside of your Divine Mind trying to look inside of a Divine Mind that share Divine information, you must first become Divinely Restored again, that is if you desire to ever experience your Divine Spirituality.

    So the Path for you to tale is to follow the Link below and do what you need to do, and you will begin to experience Divine information that a Profane Mind can not experience nor can understand.

    The Link is below and there should be no space in the Link, should you choose to follow it, not for my sake but for the Freedom of your Mind.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]