Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Internal American Solution For Black People Injustice

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    There Is No Internal American Solution For Black People Injustice

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To you Black people who can not behold no further than your eyes can look and the distance extend no further than the boarders of America, then your claim for Black Afrikan solution to the problems that confronts Black people in America is no more than that, a claim for wanting to solve Black People problems in America, with you never desiring a need to solve our problems that we are confronted with in America.

    Long duration of habits of self demeaning, are very very difficult to conquer, and the problem with long habits of lies and deception to self, they grow on you, meaning you end up justifying long Time habits that give no advantage to the Black self, you claiming such habits to be of no bother to you, which prevents you from seeking a solution to defeat long Time habits of self mental deception, so that you can become a free Divine mental spirit.

    All it seem that Black Folks in America want to do, is to be able to feed our habit without harsh difficulty, and a habitual mind in a state of captivity, is a mind of a slave, with a habit to remain as is, seeking internal America solutions to Black People in America problems, which will never be the solution needed that will free the body, mind, and spirit of Black Afrikans in America, here by way of the Middle passage.

    You must come to see beloved, that there is no internal America solution to Black people injustice in America and it does not matter how much you lie about God coming to save your Black behind, onlt if you just remain prayerful and keep lying to your religious indoctrinated self, making claim that God speak to you and have made a promise to you to come and save your Black do nothing behind, as you do nothing but pray with no action by you, that will cause your prayers to come True.

    The problems Black people face in America is not institutional in America, it is all mental, and not until Black people become wise and intelligent enough to see our problem that we face every day, while awake, and even while asleep, our problem remain attached to us Black so call Afrikan people, because it is all mental that cause us to act and not to act regarding the life of our Black so call Afrikan self.

    A people who have been experiencing mental captivity for as long as Black Afrikan People have, and in America, it would seem to Divine Reason, that at some point, a Divine desire would invoke its presence to Black Afrikan people, and it would be such a Divine presence that will prompt such a long abusing mental stabilization of Black people.

    So, to become mental destabilized from our present indoctrinated mind, such will cause Black people to realize that based upon the amount of Time we have been made a fool to believe it to be wise by embracing the present mental condition that has Black people not desiring to become Free and Independent from America, the Divine True solution to our problem will become mental apparent.

    There will be an act of mental readjustment that will cause Black people in America to realize, that in America, the solution for Black People is not community adjustment but is Reparation for the purpose to Free the Mind of Black people, a mind that has been held in captivity for approximately five hundred years.

    Such is a long Time to live with an unstable Mind, which serve to be the gravest problem of Black people in America today, as we have been made to be an enemy to freedom and a protester against a United States Of Afrika.

    All is such a Black people mental sickness and is based upon a vainly selfish mental retarded believing perception of God, which is controlled by the long Time deceiving perceptive believing that have Black people no longer qualified to see what is wise to the advantage of Afrika and Black Afrikan people in America, and every where else Black people are today, with a habit of living a lie and believing in fantasy.

    There is no ability caused by the mind of Black people today to know what should concern Black people, or to know what is needed in order for Black people to become free from habitual religious devotion, a sure sign of a mental disease that prevent Black people from being qualified to Divinely Think.

    Black people today rather believe we being able to find a internal America solution to an internal America problem that has been the plague of Black people Mind for five Hundred years, a habit we have that serve as proof that we have been mental conditioned to believe about our selves that the solution to our problem in America is in America and it being now normal to our way of believing about the life of Black Afrikan people in America.

    Such today normalcy of Black people mind believing, is what have Afrika as it is today, and is what have Black people to be the most habitual addicted to America way of Life and to America treatment of Black people, and will remain so, as we work, we fight to remain mentally habitual to America, as we label such a display of Black Afrikan Spirit to be that of a normal spirit of Black people today.

    So no, there is no internal solution to Black Folks internal America problem, yet the Mind that Black people are guided by today, have Black People to serve as our worst enemy, as we attempt to find freedom by remaining in the prison of America, as we act and serve as a distraction to the need for Afrika to become a United States Of Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]