Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Greater Disaster To Happen To Black Afrikan People In The Diaspora Americ

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
There Is No Greater Disaster To Happen To Black Afrikan People In The Diaspora Americas , Than Chattel Slavery!!!

By Chief Elder Osiris

Hell no I will not get over it until the Reparation debt is paid in Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, whom I am a Descendant of, and the it I am sharing about, mean the Enslavement of my Afrikan Ancestors and if your Mind has been made to function as a Mental weakling to be encouraged to forget it, then so be it.

I share Divine Information with you not to be agreed with by you, but to but to tear down the curtain of Bliss that has been justifying our ignorance and now that the Divine Truth has come, Black people no longer has an excuse for acting so ignorantly intelligent.

The Divine Truth is not about Right or Wrong, it is exactly what it is, the Divine Truth, and only a Divine Mind is qualified in recognizing that which is Divinely True, because such a Mind deal with such a Infinite Truth by being qualified to profoundly Reason, be Rational, and use Logic in reaching your conclusion about that Divine Truth that is Shared with you.

So, I will be encouraging the Divine Minds of Black People now and from my Grave, to never stop fighting for your Freedom and your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which represent your Freedom, and Afrika becoming for the Afrikan again, the Black Afrikan I am sharing about.

Those responsible for our Afrikan Ancestors Enslavement and treated them as Chattel, will remain the evil predator that they are, until they settle the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, and that debt is Reparation, which must only represent Freedom and Independence in Afrika, and becoming the next established State in Afrika!!!

What I am about to share with you, it is not to be taken as if it is to minimize what has happen in Haiti and the warm gesture coming from President Wade in Senegal, to the Haitian Afrikan People, but we Black people, Children Of The Middle Passage must not allow anybody to divide us any more than we have become, or attempt to lessen the fact of our sojourn the Americas, not as tourist but as Chattel to the White Race, and there is nothing else that could have happen to Black Afrikan people that qualifies to be the worst disaster to have ever happen to Black People in the Diaspora Americas, than the Disaster of Chattel Slavery.

We the children of the Middle Passage have been suffering from the worst disastrous act to have ever happen to a people of any Race and the fact that for Five Hundred Years has past and we Black people who are Children of those Afrikans who were kidnapped from Afrika and taken away from their Home Land, still remain in a Land that we did not choose to come to, and is a people now without a place offered to us that can be called our own, as the Black Afrikans officials in Afrika continue to act as if the Land of our Mother and Father is not the Land of their Children, whom we happen to be, here in the Americas Diaspora.

Beloved, it become an insult to our Enslaved Ancestors for the officials of Afrikan States to not recognize the act and experience of being treated as Chattel Slaves, not to be a Disastrous act against Black Afrikan People, and to act as if they do not know that every day the Enslaved Afrikan Children spend in the Land of a people who are thieves, Robbers, murderers, pedophiles, Rapist, prejudice, and an Evil people that portray themselves as a people of Charity, is not a disastrous experience for the children of those Afrikans who lived as Chattel Slaves in the Americas, only reveal the status if their mind of which you now operate from.

It is way past Time for Black People in the Americas and is here not by choice and has never had the freedom to choose whether we desire to remain in Stolen Land, and we being Children of Afrikans who were stolen from their Home Land, To demand from those Afrikans in Afrika the respect that we deserve, which is not to be ignored nor to be treated as a charity case.

Every Black Afrikan in the Diaspora Americas, here because of the fact that our Mother and Father was in fact taken from their Land against their will, has a right to the Land of Afrika.

So to deny us that right, make the officials in Afrika a party to the crime that was and is being committed against Black Afrikan people in the Americas today, we who are Descendants of their Enslaved Ancestors, and Afrika and the Afrikan in Afrika, will continue to receive the punishment coming from our Divine Cosmic Ancient Black Ancestors which have us in the position and condition that we are in today and will remain as long as the spirit of a foolish people are displayed and expressed toward the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors.

Beloved, you can take this Divine Truth or Leave It Alone, the Divine Truth will remain as it is.

So no, do not you Afrikans in Afrika start picking and choosing from the Black Afrikans in the Americas, we who are here not by choice, you Afrikans in Afrika acting as if you have the Divine Right to decide who amongst us Children of the Middle Passage can return to Afrika, with Land in Afrika to be offered to Afrikans in the Diaspora as if we Black People in the Americas have just now had a Disastrous experience.

Yes! Yes! The Black Afrikan who has been living in the Americas every since our mother and Father was captured in their Home Land and taken away, that experience was and has been a most disastrous experience to those Black Afrikans of today who has a desire to return to Afrika as the next established State in Afrika, and all Afrikans with a desire to return to Afrika, has a right to do so, with Land to be available to us, that is the obligation that the Afrikan in Afrika carry upon their shoulder to their Kit and Kin in the Diaspora America.

Now, all of those who were responsible for approving, for financing, and planning such a disastrous act against the Black Afrikans in Afrika, to capture Afrikan people for the purpose of treating Black Afrikan People as their Chattel cargo, to be shipped away from their Home Land and to be treated as Chattel Slave.

Such a people now after the working and abusing those Black Afrikans that were treated to be less than the Divine Beings that they were and is today, refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and I am to love such an evil spirit as that? Hell No, it is our Enslaved Ancestors that is owed to them Reparation and the right to repatriate Back To Afrika as the next established State in Afrika.

The Children of our Enslaved Ancestors are Not to return back to Afrika as a charity case, not as settlers like strangers, but as prodigal daughters and Sons of Afrikan people and of Afrika.

We are not to return as runaways but as Afrikans who were stolen away from their Home Land by force, and now those stolen Afrikans children have the right of inheritance, meaning Afrika the Land and all therein belong just as much to the Children Of The Middle Passage as to those Afrikans who did not make the Journey into the Enslavement camps of white Americas.

Who in a sane Divine Righteous Mind would deny the right of Reparation to be owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, and the fact today, their children have the Right to stand in, and act as their Enslaved Mother and Father proxy, when demanding payment of their Enslaved Mother and Father Reparation.

Reparation is a Debt owed to our Enslaved Mother and Father, for service rendered to those White people in power and did suffer physical Damage to their Lives in the process.

Any so call White, Jewish, Royalty, and Religious potentate who will deny paying a debt that is Justly owed to Black Afrikans which they played a part in the Enslavement of Black Afrikan people and today, such a people without conscious of condemnation, stand to deny payment for service gotten from our Enslaved Ancestors and was able to prosper from the way that they did treat our Enslaved Ancestors. such is a people personified as the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the three being as One, deserving not of our Love or respect today.

You tell me that I, a child of my Enslaved Ancestors, do not have a right to Land in Afrika, a Right to be a member of an Established State in Afrika, and the Right to our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation?

Then I have to say to all who make such a evil claim against our Enslaved Ancestors Right to all that I have listed before you today, you are a Fool and a Liar enclosed in the evil spirit of a Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and I am supposed to show Love to such a spirit being shown to me?

Hell No, and I do not have the obligation to tip toe around all of these evil spirits that are in opposition to paying what rightfully belong to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is their Reparation, which they did work and died for, this is a responsibility that is owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, not some charity plea.

You Afrikans in Afrika, you who sit in your make shift bogus States, doing Lucifer bidding, looking down your deceiving nose at us Children of our Enslaved Ancestors, you to, playing the role of those who did Enslave our Afrikan Ancestors and it is owed to them their Reparation.

Yes, just as you in Afrika has an obligation to our Enslaved Ancestors Children to share the Land. Our Enslaved Ancestors did not leave us as a charity case, all of Afrika belong to Afrika, and Afrika is qualified of taking care of all of her Black Afrikan Residents, as she has done in Time before.

So, when we return Home to Afrika, we will be coming with the Mind and spirit of Liberation of Afrika and to see a United Black Afrikan Family Nation become a reality once again.

Such should be the goal of all worthwhile Black Afrikans, other wise you serve to be a Traitor to the Black World and to your Ancestors, which will continue to deal with you according to your deeds which you have not performed Divinely toward the Children of The Middle Passage.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Not that you have to agree with that which I share with you, but the question is, do you understand that that which I share with you ?

You see beloved, when you are revolving in your Divine Mind, you know who you are, and what your strength is, which is in the Divinity of your Divine Spirituality.

The Links below will take you to a book that will inform you how to regain your Divine Mind and Spirituality.

universe --Divine Spirituality Spirituality

Divine Spirituality by Osiris Akkebala

Divine Spirituality- Barnes and Noble spirituality osiris akkebala&pos=-1

LIES ABOUT GOD, by Osiris Akkebala

Also email for a copy of LIES ABOUT GOD

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Osiris Chief Elder

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