Chief Elder Osiris : There Is No Black Leader That Is Beyond Examination

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Never will the Afrikan in America now made to be blind to the Divine Truth about thyself and now is made to follow Black Leadership that is Blind to knowing the Divine Truth, will ever be able to regain the status and Height of our Ancient First Way Ancestors once held, not as long as we are willing to follow Blind Black Leadership and so far this saying has been made to be Divinely True, given the Mental condition of the Black World today.

    Listen Beloved, I am not here to Convince nor am I here to convert and I am most certainly not here to debate the Divine Truth of that which I share with the Black World, because I share that which I know to be Divinely True and I am not riding the back of the Trinity of Evil, which are Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, the weapons of Mass Destruction of Black People.

    So why should I be concerned about how some of you respond or don't respond to the Divine truth when it come boldly riding into your midst, I am not here to argue the merit of the Divine truth nor am I here to argue the demerits of the unreasonableness of unthoughtful response to the Divine truth, because the Divine Truth is not based upon what I or you desire or want it to be, the Divine Truth is based upon the Past and present facts of the matter being discussed and not our personal interest based upon belief, faith, and hope, all covered with what you wish the truth of the matter to be.

    Now, I have said that to say this that need to be said about the contemporary white folk appointed or self appointed Black Leadership of today and recent Time gone past, which is that there are no so call Black Afrikan Leader that is beyond reproach or has done so much good for Black people here in America or far away in Afrika that is beyond being examine and told of the result of the examination, whether you agree or disagree with the results or not.

    So, show me one so call Black Afrikan Leader today that is attempting to deliver the Greater Good in the best interest of the so call Black Afrikan in America and in Afrika today, all they do is feed Black Folks lies and deception about what is happening in the world of events that are unfolding right before our very eyes, but if you are a victim of oppressive teaching and you no longer are allowed to do creative Thinking any more then to you, a Lie become white folks truth and misinterpret events become unwise revelation taken to be wise information.

    You have some Afrikan Americans so out of touch with their Divine Mind that will make dumb statements about those of us who reveal the Divine Truth about what is happening in the world and is revealing how what is profanely being told to you are no more than lies with an act to deceive you and the African American ask the question with all of their arrogance and sarcasms, the question being: What Make You who hold to the Divine Truth to have all of the Truth about the Black World condition in Afrika, America and in the wider world and why should you be believed?

    Well first of all it is the fool who make claim to know all of the Truth need to be known, but it is the wise among us who know of the Divine Truth about what got Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan in the messy life we now find ourselves in today and our lives are messy because we no longer are interested in knowing the Divine Truth about our Black selves and about those people responsible for our Black lives being in the mess it is in today and it is the lying so call Black leaders who will not either tell you the Divine Truth about your life condition or they do not know and yet they pretend that they know what is best for the lives of Black People in the world today and you tell me that those lying and deceiving so call Black leaders do not deserve to be called into question to be examine by Black people who know the Divine Story of our Lives?

    What Black leader standing today that have delivered to Black people such a Greater Good for our lives that need not be examine by Black People, what give Black Leaders the Divine Right to be given a pass from being examine by Black People?

    There is no Black Person in their Divine Mind that will mislead Black People into believing, not Thinking, that Obama is here to bring Salvation to the Black Lives in the world, Hell, Obama has not given to you that impression of that being his objective, observe the Man Action and you will come to know the Man intention while being President of not all of the people in America but of America and it is America that consist of powerful lying and deceiving people and not the people that are in need in America.

    Tell me Beloved, what have your Black Leaders done for you to give you genuine aspiration and inspirational desire to become your Black selves again and to Think using the Mind that our Ancient Divine First way Ancestors caused us to have by us being the off spring of such a Divine Mind of Black Universal Divine People?

    No, No, tell me, point at one thing that the so call Black Leaders have reached a conclusion about concerning Black People using their own Creative Divine Mine that serve to the Greater Good for us all, not one **** Thing you can Honestly point to, because all that those so call Black Leaders tell you is predicated upon the base foundation9on of their contrived religious belief and the Divine Truth does not reside in Religion but in the Divine Mind that produce your Divine Spirituality and it take a Divine Attitude and Behavior to make contact with our Ancient First way Ancestors and there is where the Divine Truth lies about the Divine Essence, about both Universe, and about your Black Divine self.

    So yes, you Black Divine Beings today who are not afraid of the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers irrational emotional reaction toward you for telling the Divine truth about the today lying Black Leadership, you have every right to objectively and Divinely Examine the so call Black Leadership today.

    The problem with Black People is that we are in such a hurry of hunger for leadership until we do not know of the Divine Standards that a Black Leader must present to you that qualify Black Leadership, we have been conditioned to believe that our Black Leaders must wear the cloak of so call Afrikan, white, Arab, and Jewish Religion, a standard that defy the Divine Truth and it is the Divine Truth and not religion that will bring back to you a Divine Mine we no longer use, so that we can function in our Divine Spirit, because then and only then will you be able to break the shackles of Religion and no longer be hypnotized by the profane Black leadership that now are in control of Black People Mind and is leading you to the Melting Pot of the World, A world you must learn that you were not ever meant to be a part of in this evil and now perverted world today.

    All Black Leadership must be put up for examination and the telling fact of their deception will be their stand on Religion, the weapon used to defeat the Black World and to keep us submerged in a world of delusional Fantasy, a prison that no Black Divine Mind should be a prisoner of.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]